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There's this show I watch.
It's not about gladiators or space aliens or mafioso or medieval kings.
It's about outlandish things.
People trying to change our government from a republic to a dictatorship.
A guy who has plastic surgery to look like a woman, entering the Miss America contest!
A group of thugs saying that the law doesn't apply to them and they put a bounty out for the death of a citizen (and the cops do nothing)!
A governor trying to sell a senate seat to the highest bidder!
A bunch of religious radicals getting an atomic bomb to convert the world!
A man who defends the killing of babies as they leave the womb getting the Nobel Peace Prize, after becoming president! (Come on, who's gonna believe that?)

It's the evening news.

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pascal said...
By eschewing details you quickly exemplified our metamorphosis into bizarro world. Nicely done! It's sad that it seems like half the country still won't believe you. And that's the way the Agency of Lies wants it. So, piss then off and do more as it occurs to you.
March 31, 2012 11:44:05
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