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I have not seen "The Hunger Games", nor do I intend to.

It is a movie (and series of books) about a dystopian (opposite of utopian) future where teens must compete to the death (this much I know) in order to secure their liberty (here i'm guessing). Wait here, I'll google/wiki it. Still don't know, but at least secure their life.

This fiction is very popular among young adults. It was originally published by Scholastic!

If only these kids knew the real dystopian future lurking around the corner (toth to Joe).

I know of only one utopian vision that ended well on film, and that is "Things to Come" written by H.G. Wells, wherein a dictatorship of the most intelligent (progressives) saves the world.

Odd that another story by Wells shows such a dystopian future for man in "The Time Machine" wherein the Eloi are harvested by the Molochs. Perhaps the Time Machinist had zipped past the end of "Things to Come", discovering that it doesn't end so well when progressives are in charge.

I listen to the Goebels inspired Big Liar-in-Chief say his plans for the auto industry will cut my gas bill in half from $8000 to $4000 a year and hear the crowd cheer as I'm doing the math in my head.
I'll think out loud for you: I drive 500 miles a week round trip to work. I pay about $4/gal and get 20 mpg. Carry the zero.... That can't be right, oh yes it is. Ummm, 25 gallons time 4, that's $100 times 50 (two weeks vacation) = $5000.
Does your average family spend $8k on fuel and I only spend $5k?
Lucky me.
So if Progressives are so smart, how come they can't do simple math?
Remember, this financial wizard is planning your retirement.
For all 57states.
But Joe Biden is there to help him do the heavy thinking.

I'm off to church now, where I'll meet with others who share with me the only Hope we really have.

Have a blessed day


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diamond dave said...
Not that I've seen the movie or plan to, but the basic premise of "The Hunger Games" seems eerily similar to the Stephen King/Richard Bachman short novel, "The Long Walk".
March 31, 2012 04:37:58
Mark RIley said...
Your Right Ed, and it is true, great minds do think alike !
March 27, 2012 10:40:04
Mark said...
"the only Hope we really have" Indeed. Freedom rests with SCOTUS now.
March 26, 2012 01:32:12
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