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The president made an announcement today saying that religious organizations will not have to provide contraceptives in their insurance plan, but the insurance companies will still have to provide it.
When I employ someone, and pay for their insurance, my funds will pay that insurance company for coverage. If that coverage includes ANYTHING (including birth control, kervorkian treatment, sex-changes or aspirin), I am paying for it. There is no escaping that.
Either the president is too stupid to understand that, or he thinks we are too stupid to understand that.
Which do you prefer?

When will the discussion no longer be whether that Catholics have to provide this level of insurance provision, but that:
Everyone asked why Obama would do something this stupid.
All Obama had to do was enrage, then mollify the Catholics and then the real argument goes away.
That’s the Machiavellian trick he’s pulling.

Then there's Rita's brilliant take on it.
Warning: Bacon is involved. May increase your risk of wanting a bacon sandwich.


Edit: A bit of audio on the subject.

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Rita said...
Thx Ed. I've thought I was brilliant for a while now, just never expected anyone else to think so too. ;) Now if I was REALLY brilliant, I'd figure out how to have the link to your blog move to the top of my reading list when you publish a new post. Btw, I've set my dvr to record the guy on Hannity who ripped off my pork post.
February 13, 2012 11:24:27
pascal said...
I expanded my last comment into a full blown post. Thanks for the push Ed. ¶ ¶
February 13, 2012 02:48:12
pascal said...
You don't understand? Or you don't like where logical speculations lead? Because the direction the speculation goes tells you that 1) the growth of government is a one-way street and 2) we don't have a true opposition set of representatives. ¶ ¶ When Ronald Reagan got the line item veto passed by Congress, DE< Senator Robert Byrd was johnny on the spot filing a brief with the SCOTUS that got heard -- and reversed -- in almost no time at all. None of this 2 years of taxes collected for ObamaCare before the SCOTUS decides if its kosher. Or how about when Washington passed term limits on Congressman and then Speaker of the DEM House Tom Foley took it immediately to SCOTUS and had it declared unconstitutional? Meanwhile our illustrious John Boehner cries about how unfare Obama is and how he's a real conservative. But he still gave away the keys to the treasury this last August. And they caved on the payroll tax extension in December. ¶ ¶ Is that the sort of thing "I don't understand" or is it really your thoughts on the matter are so dark you dare not really state them? You and I would probably both find our names on a list for those destined for the new gulag. I figure I better speak out while I still have the ability to think at all. Orwell said the aim of our leviathan is to make it impossible for its subjects to piece together thoughts that were detrimental to it. I see speaking out as a God given gift. I view it as a terrible ingratitude to push that gift aside. I'd rather be scorned by man than damned by God.
February 10, 2012 11:55:34
Ed said...
Pascal, I don't understand why he's not charged (or sued) for what he's done already (recess appts, mandates on insurance companies, etc.).
February 10, 2012 07:22:27
Ed said...
February 10, 2012 07:15:32
pascal said...
In short The Bummer is providing the churches with the appearance of them cleansing their hands from the issue. The Christian religious hatred in the man is now offering us the vision of the church fathers in their whited sepulchers as Pontius Pilate. "Your hands will now be clean regarding the demise of the unborn. OK now?" ¶ ¶ I'm pressing the phrase "money laundering." I've yet to hear a single radio talker make that connection. If anyone but Obama was arranging money laundering, they'd be charged with a crime.
February 10, 2012 06:44:49
Freddie said...
I didn't know it was "Machiavellian" but I am pretty sure that's what he's up to.
February 10, 2012 06:44:39
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