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A friend on Facebook commented on this photo:




You may not agree with Santorum, or misinterpret what he is saying, but this is a representative sampling of the comments at Atheists United:

  • We should sink him in a tank full of sulfuric acid.
  • You might want to glue some C4 to the rockets of the RPG, then give him a sniper to the face (, that is) while he's already dead.... Just for kicks. that ***hole NEEDS to die.
  • No RPG but I have a halberd with his name all over it.
  • You all are doing it wrong. We should sink him in a tank full of sulfuric acid.  
  • I would like to see you raped and have to carry the child for 9 months reliving the rape every day until and after u give birth..****ing idiot   
  • Someone should *ssrape this *ssbag REPEATEDLY and then let him talk.
     Make him 'squeal like a pig' a la Deliverance
  • I wish horse had rape them, he probably belive its a god will. Sorry horses!
  • Can anyone rape him please? he might find it a bless without the risk of getting pregnant...
  • he's using this as an excuse to rape girls,bloody *ss
  • I hope he goes to prison and gets plenty of "gifts" in the shower
  • Wow. What a creatively violent bunch of self-righteous murderers and sadists some of you are. Horse rape, sulfuric acid baths, RPGs, etc.
    Because a guy expressed his opinion.
    Have a nice day.

That last one was mine.

Not all were violent, but most were disgusting, and some were with me.

But I know them and they're not atheists.

I'm glad my FB friend, while dismissive of Santorum, wasn't vile.


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Ed said...
Took me a couple minutes to wrap my head around how you phrased that Z. Got it. Thanks for commenting. It's amazing alright, and I see it during political "discussions", where I'm pretty much the only conservative. At least my "friend" (old high school friend who I fell out of touch with) asks them to back off when they attack me ad hominem. I think he's beginning to be ashamed of there discourse.
January 31, 2012 09:11:52
Z said...
I think a raped woman carrying a baby is a terrible situation..BUT, I can't IMAGINE how anti-abortion people feel rape's excused. If the reason we don't want abortion is that it's because there's a life there waiting to be born, what do they think that 'thing' caused by a rape is? It's a very tough problem, but ..?? Those remarks are quite if those who advocate against abortion think it's FUN for a raped woman to carry a baby to birth? And what hatred toward Santorum! amazing.
January 31, 2012 06:39:11
Ed said...
NFO: I pretty much re-posted this on FB and no comments from friends and family so far. Disappointed.
January 29, 2012 01:31:10
Old NFO said...
Not really surprised, since he didn't espouse THEIR position, the gloves come off and we see them in all their 'liberal' glory... yeah, right...
January 29, 2012 11:16:51
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