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I cannot see it.

I would rather see the country go to hell slowly under Romney than quickly under Obama.
If that's the choice.
I've read comments on other sites that stress the opposite.

At least going slow towards the cliff, you can hope for some other external event (Deus et Machina?) to intervene.
Sudden illness, national awakening, something.

Some people seem to long for the battle, the apocalypse.

It does however, occur to me that:
If Romney would be as bad, or nearly as bad, for the country as Obama, then we only have four more years of Obama, whereas we'd persumably have eight years of Romney, and extension of Obama lite by 4 years.
This is the only argument I can see for withholding your vote from Romney.
But it's not the argument I hear for it.

For the record, Romney is not my man.
But I know how to hold my nose and vote.

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pascal said...
he = his
November 23, 2011 03:07:22
pascal said...
This is only the primary season. It's too soon to be so despairing that you're looking to the time you MAY feel the need to hold your nose. Hey, given Zero's predilections, he may even do you the favor of cancelling elections as he buddy Hugo did.
November 23, 2011 03:04:18
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