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Scherie's been scheduled for a while to go into the U of M Neurology/Epilepsy clinic for observation.
The deal was that eventually she'd have a seizure and they'd catch it on EEG.
We checked in yesterday morning (Friday) at 5:30 AM for the MRI.
That took a couple hours. Scherie slept through it.
About 8:30 we went to get breakfast in the hospital cafe and then went up to the epilepsy lab to get her scalp wired.
They had a monitor hooked up to check the skin resistance as each node was attached.
Then they did some preliminary checks for response by strobing her face while her eyes were closed, asking her to open and close her mouth, etc.
We then waited til 6 PM for a room. We got a private room, which was not the original plan.
The original plan therefore was not very well thought out, given what would happen later.
Scherie had her evening and morning meds reduced and skipped her afternoon and evening.
Pastor Gregg and Cheryl stopped by and we talked til about 8.
We prayed that Scherie would have a seizure soon and that it would satisfy the requirements.
God answers prayer.
Scherie went into the bathroom to change into a nightgown from home.
There's a button I'm supposed to press when I see a seizure start so that they can easily mark the onset of activity even though they are recording 24 hours.
You know how a lie detector looks in the movies with all the needles on a rolling chart paper?
This is the same, only on a monitor.
Scherie was in the bathroom a couple minutes when she called out to me to press the button.
I looked in on her and she said she felt funny.
I went to call a nurse and when I came back she was standing at the sink with a strong grip on it.
The nurses came in and we got her to let go while we laid her on the floor.
The nurses gave her a color and object to remember. She didn't.
They asked her to give them a "thumbs up".
She did.
Then she asked what a "thumbs up" was.
We got her back to bed and settled in.
After a while she was perfectly coherent. We talked awhile and she said her head hurt.
I asked if she wanted an aspirin and she said yes, then no.
Then she started complaining that she really hurt bad, like her skin was on fire. That she'd never felt this way before.
Then she had another seizure.
The nurse and I talked her back and eventually she remembered where she was and could read the dry erase board with the date on it.
Even after doing that, she couldn't tell us what month it was, having just read it to us.
She then had another seizure.
I had asked earlier, after the first one, that we get her meds in her, but there was some delay in getting approval.
Now she got some adavan to knock down the seizure. Then some more.
She slept, but the EEG showed seizures so she got more for a total of 5 mgs.
Then the EEG leveled out.
Her blood pressure and O2 levels dropped so they put an oxygen tube up to her nose and pumped in saline solution to bring her BP up.

The neurology doctor team came in this morning and said that they certainly got a lot of information that they had to review.
They said they'd get back to us today but it's 5 PM and we haven't seen them yet.

A nurse came by and said it looks like we'll be out of here Sunday!

Sure beats spending Thanksgiving here.

6 Comment(s):
David March said...
Followed your link from a comment you left at Belmont Club. I'll pray for your family. David March
November 24, 2011 11:59:41
Joe said...
You both are in my thoughts and prayers.
November 21, 2011 08:58:16
Rita said...
Praying for you both. Scary stuff.
November 20, 2011 01:00:50
Ed said...
Mark, no flame. The meds are at a level just below toxicity. That's why we're doing this observation, to see if surgery or a nerve implant will improve the situation. Thanks for checking in.
November 19, 2011 11:42:22
Mark said...
I don't know the whole story so feel free to flame me for this comment. I would think the anti-seizure drugs are being administered in a lean fashion because they can backfire in extreme fashion. I can remember my sister's experience. The doctors preferred an occasional seizure to and measured the time between them as a ruler. And of course that took painful time. For all of us. Not much else to say, man.
November 19, 2011 10:28:50
Sis said...
Sure am praying for both of you Please keep us updated
November 19, 2011 09:47:09
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