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I was thinking about the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protesters this morning.
I had heard Bill Whittle on the Midnight Trucker Radio Network (fifth hour, Monday) and after listening to his description of them as pampered and "entitled" I began to think of them as the Eloi, from H.G.Wells "The Time Machine".
Funny, since Wells was a notorious Progressive.

The Eloi were fed and pampered and hadn't a clue as to who were providing for them (or more insidious, why).

That about sums up this crowd with their I-Pods, I-Pads, and no clue as to how they came to have them.

Then I was reminded of an observation I made years ago about upcoming generations.
As parents become affluent and give there kids a wealth of material goods, those kids get addicted to those goods.
When those kids left the house and couldn't provide those goods for themselves, in order to maintain their addiction, they turned to petty crime.

Breaking and entering, stealing 8-tracks and CBs from vehicles, dealing weed.
It's worse today.
Now they're protesting that they want you and I to support them, since their parents won't or can't.

Pay off their loans, give them an income stream.


Or they might get violent.

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pascal said...
No. The similarity stops at their dependency and mindlessness. Eloi weren't violent, nor were they capable of threatening it.ΒΆ Yes, Wells was an early Progressive, but he was so much more open about the goal to reduce human freedom and numbers that he was ejected from the Fabian society in the early 20th Century. Try to find and read his 1920s essay "The Open Conspiracy" and you may understand why he was personna non grata with those craven socialists.
October 18, 2011 12:01:32
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