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Pascal wrote Saturday showcasing a transcript of Mark Levins' show concerning Professor Elizabeth Warren nutty approach to economics and personal freedom.

Mark Levin points out that not only does the left want to determine how much you pay in taxes, but since "time is money" and you're only given so much time on this planet (and you're reading this?) they are effectively looking to take more of your life (your life being your time on Earth).

Remember "The Matrix"?
The precept of that movie was that the people had been subjugated by the matrix, and were living their life in a fantasy world, while their life's energy was being sucked out of them to power the matrix.

It was Neo's job to wake people up to that fact, some of whom preferred the comfortable enslavement.
I always looked at that movie as a spiritual metaphor: that people didn't see the struggle for their souls, and that the Christ-figure (Neo rose from the dead to set them free) was there to wake them up from their spiritual enslavement.
But frankly, it works also as a political analogy.
If the state is ultimate, Then, when the head of state says you must give your "fair share", his
vision of "your fair share" be it 100% will be the share required of you.

RISE UP, Sleeper! Awake!


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pascal said...
Thus my feeling of disgust with Republican "moderates" who seem all too willing to compromise with the Statists. It's as if there is only one party with two factions: the go fast to enslavement bad cop faction and the go slower good cop. "Excuse me: which of you two promised to defend me." In answer I hear laughter.¶ There is no real compromise with people who want to enslave you. Compromise simply means they’ll enslave you piecemeal.¶ Progress in the growth of their power is the only real advancement that “Progressives” have sought. It has been accomplished by accumulating every niggling bit of power that they could beg, borrow, swindle, steal or wrest from individuals and vested it in their collective.¶ Yes sleepers. Wake up.
September 27, 2011 02:18:00
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