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Last September I wrote:

Last Sunday, I asked a guy from church to go out on the Detroit River with me after church. He's the father of a friend of ours, and Scherie was unable to go.

We drove towards the river, about a half hour away. We were about a mile away from Elizabeth Park, stopped at a light when we got hit from behind.
The lady behind us was stopped, but she got rammed into us by the guy behind her! My skeg had sliced into her bumper!

New prop bent. Boat on trailer crooked. Transom bent. Motor transom support bent.

We went out anyway. Had a good time. Scary at one point when the hull started vibrating. Turned out that with the transom bent a little, the motor could be trimmed (and was) to a position where it was in contact with the hull. Trimmed up, noise gone. Went around Grosse Isle, over to Canada and around Bois Blanc (Bob-Lo).  Came back, pulled the boat out of the water and realized that the trailer was bent and twisted as the boat wouldn't sit on it straight.
Saturday, after doing a brake job for my neighbor, Mike, I Jacked the boat up and rolled the trailer out from under it. Sounds easy, doesn't it?
Mike, a retired millwright, marvelled at it. I was amazed I did it. Reminded me of the Egyptians and the pyramids (If indeed the ... oh never mind).
There were a few snapped members. We welded, torched and bent the frame back to a semblance of normalcy at my good friend Eugene's shop Saturday night.

I'm sure you all remember this, but I thought I'd refresh your memory, as I'm about to update you.
(Granted it's been longer than it takes Freddy to tell a story).

Since then, I've taken the axle off of the trailer and cut and welded it so that the trailer sits 5 inches lower to the ground. This allows me to get it into the garage, and when I launch it the boat comes off the trailer closer to the shore instead of past the dock where the wind and current catches it and blows it around the dock and I have to ... never mind.
I had removed he motor and backed the boat up to a tree and with a comealong I pulled the transom pretty straight. I attached a plate of aluminum across the transom.
I rehung the motor. Thank you Jesus that I didn't drop it, it's huge and heavy!

Eugene had welded the cracks in the aluminum brace that supports the transom to the inside of the boat after I had removed it.
Where the brace had been attached with rivets that I had drilled out, I reattached with stainless pan head screws. Mike across the street helped me reinstall them last Saturday.
My brother called while we were working and asked if I needed help. I said I thought we had it. We did.
I then washed the boat thoroughly.
When I was done, my brother drove up, thinking he'd come help anyway.
Scherie had a seizure that morning, so she had a headache. She would have gone out with me on the boat because she's that sweet, but with Tom there, she didn't have to.
Tom and I took it out on the lake, and we both had a blast.
I had hammered the prop blade into shape and was curious as to how it would be. Perfect!
The boat had been our dad's and I think the last time we had been out together on it was with him.

If you're ever in the area, stop by. We'll go out.

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Rita said...
Sounds like you're very handy. Can you fix my back and hip from last April Fool's Day when the SUV I was riding in was hit in the back? I was perfectly fine at the scene (and of course the F150 driver didn't have insurance), but I sure wasn't 15 minutes later or now even three months later.
July 10, 2011 10:27:27
Freddie said...
Glad you got the boat fixed! In order to understand all of this I'd probably have to see what you're talking about. Since I'm a girl my brain fuzzes up when I see/hear words like transom. You could ask T-man. But like I said, I'm really happy for you.
July 9, 2011 09:40:19
Freddie said...
Oh sure. NOW you post - when I can't actually read it all. But I'll be back. And I WILL finish the story! ;)
July 9, 2011 06:24:30
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