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Posted By Ed B

OK, so some people got scared.

A burning airplane did not land on my house (yeah, it's that close).

An Islamic Terrorist got his junk burned off.

An idiot (Napolitano: color in that "Morticia" streak!) was exposed as incompetent.

Obama's team takes a hit.
Nobody died.
There is a God in heaven.

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May God bless each and every one who visits here,

even if you don't read this til July!

God has given us much.

He has given us Himself.



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I saw something today at the Cracker Barrel that warmed my heart. Actually I was so blessed, that tears came to my eyes later.

A tall older gentleman was being helped out of the door by a small older woman and a tall younger man. They were kind of stuck there. The man's feet weren't cooperating. I asked the lady if I could help. She informed me that it was under control. After a while I realized that it wasn't. There were some other people standing around also, looking concerned.

I finally insisted to the lady that she should move and let me support the man.

She aquiesced (I like that word).

A short black gentleman (he was wearing a suit) went to the other side. The son stayed in the middle.

I suggested that we could carry the man to the waiting van.

His wife said that there was no way we could carry him.

The black gentleman then asked someone to bring one of those rockers to us.

We sat our friend down and picked him up by  the chair arms and carried them to the van.

The black gentleman climbed in to get the buckle. The son and I helped situate his dad and pass the buckle.

I prayed for the man in Jesus' name and after a number God Bless You's and Merry Christmas's all around, we parted.

The black gentleman's wife thanked the mom for letting us help.

For letting us help.

Christian's all around.

It was later, at our table, that Scherie and I were recounting the incident. I told her how grateful I was to be of use. Then I realized how blessed the family must have been to think that God had sent them help in their time of need.

We serve a great and mighty God.

And there are good people all around us, yet.

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Announcing (with great pleasure) our selection for Person of the Year.

In going over the candidates considered this year, the judge took into consideration the following criteria:

Who has seen me through a tough year and encouraged me?

Who has cooked my meals?

Done my laundry?

Smiled at me as if she really loved me?

Prayed for me and those around her?

Baked me stuff?

Sent me off to work in the morning with breakfast and a thermos?

And a lunch?

Been my sweetheart and companion?


Ladies and gentlemen, I present this years award to:

Scherie Bonderenka!

Person of the Year

Posted By Ed B


This was posted as a comment at Baldilocks:


I often wonder whether I'm somewhat racist when I see certain youth in their hoodies and scowls, and then I remember that I have that same reaction to white kids in their hoodies and scowls.
My wife works with a number of people of another color (man, I'm afraid to say black!). She's the receptionist/customer rep with unemployment. Many are the clients who will refuse to talk to her and insist on talking to one of her co-workers.
She's had a few who were down right nasty.
A lot of those lightened up after a while, and one day when faced with a rude client, one of the former nasty clients turned to the new client and said, "Honey, you just back off of her, she's just trying to help you is all."
My wife's patience is often marveled on, and she just attributes it to Jesus.
Most people aren't racist. They are just wary.



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