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Posted By Ed B
So you're some white people. You've recently arrived on the shores of this land, not where you thought you would..
You're not gonna make it without some help. Over half of you have died already.
You pray to your God for help.
A Native American walks out of the woods and asks in clear King's English:
"Can I help?", and proceeds to show you how to farm, fish, hunt, survive and serves as an ambassador to the native people.
Yea, there's a God, and He had a hand in founding this country.
Happy Thanksgiving.
Tells the Thanksgiving story of Squanto, a Patuxet Indian who helped the Pilgrims at Plymouth Colony to survive in their first difficult years. He is also known as Tisquantum. Other charcters mentioned are William Bradford, Miles Standish, Captain Thomas Hunt, and Captain Thomas Dermer.

Posted By Ed B

At Belmont Club, I read a suggestion for improving the political composition of our government.

I don't agree with it, but it is an idea and we need some, and some unity in bringing it to pass.

As at other sites, I've seen comments that suggest the following:

"Give up on the system, bring it all down, I'm armed and ready."

This resort to shooting people:
Who gets shot first?
Who pulls the first trigger?
Who's gonna be the first person tried for sedition and make us all look as bad as they say we are?
Is it gonna be some loud mouthed blog commenter?
What kind of idiots are you?
Sounds real brave and patriotic and Founding Fatherish and really, really stupid.

I'm usually a polite "You've got your opinion, I've got mine (Candor, Intelligence and Goodwill)" kind of guy, but stupid is as stupid does.
And stupid is armed insurrection against a Federal Government with the firepower this one has.

Thanks for listening.

Posted By Ed B
On Thanksgiving, the president usually pardons the turkey.
This Thanksgiving, the turkey is doing the pardoning.
But drug dealers, not border agents.

Posted By Ed B

I cannot see it.

I would rather see the country go to hell slowly under Romney than quickly under Obama.
If that's the choice.
I've read comments on other sites that stress the opposite.

At least going slow towards the cliff, you can hope for some other external event (Deus et Machina?) to intervene.
Sudden illness, national awakening, something.

Some people seem to long for the battle, the apocalypse.

It does however, occur to me that:
If Romney would be as bad, or nearly as bad, for the country as Obama, then we only have four more years of Obama, whereas we'd persumably have eight years of Romney, and extension of Obama lite by 4 years.
This is the only argument I can see for withholding your vote from Romney.
But it's not the argument I hear for it.

For the record, Romney is not my man.
But I know how to hold my nose and vote.

Posted By Ed B

A big part of a con is misdirection.

If you haven't had time to listen to the news because it interferes with watching your favorite vampire or gangster dramas, or a fat transgendered lesbian (only famous for being Cher's progeny) dancing,

You may not have heard that:

  • Herman Cain (candidate for republican presidential nominee) has been accused of sexual harrasment.
  • Newt Gingrich (candidate for republican presidential nominee) accepted consulting money from some Fed agencies he now criticizes.
  • Rick Perry doesn't debate well.

If you had heard that, you probably didn't hear this:   

  • The Obama administration has been shipping guns to Mexican drug dealers (not maybe),which have been involved in murders.
  • They’ve been pumping milliions of our tax dollars (if you pay taxes) into companies that were going belly up, as they returned the favor by pumping money into his re-election (another failing operation).
  • The rules were twisted so that in bankruptcy, Obama’s friends got repaid first, not the taxpayer.
  • A pipeline that would bring thousands of jobs and more plentiful fuel supplies to our country was postponed by this same president (hiding behind the skirts of Hillary Clinton: "It's a State Department decision").
          Obama seems not aware that Hillary Clinton reports to him


    A recession is when your neighbor loses his job.

    A depression is when you lose your job.

    A recovery is when Obama loses his.



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