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Posted By Ed B

That diner that I mentioned in the last post has been a fixture in town for a number of years.
It started out as a small chrome diner and has had additions built around it over the years.
It used to be called the Sip and Bite. but a guy (Nick) bought it and renamed it Big Sky.
Scherie and I, at one time, ate there so often that I told Nick that Scherie and I wanted to redecorate our dining room, what did he think? He asked what it mattered to him. I told him he owned our dining room.
Nick sold it to open a Memphis Style BBQ restaraunt.
It was bought by a guy named Tony.
Tony is from Albania.
He wanted to rename it Sip and Bite. He bought new menus, new shirts and then found that he was not allowed to change the letters on the sign in front of the building. He can't upgrade it to replace the faded letterring.
The diner is on a road that exits the e-way and the township wants to beautify this "gateway". If you saw this stretch of empty storefronts and auto repair shops of a certain vintage, you'd know that the only way to accomplish their vision would be to close down (or force to move) a number of the remaining businesses.
The morons are so anti-business that they want no new signage announcing businesses (that will attract employers!), and they will do whatever to get existing signs removed.
I've seen this in other communities, and is it fun trying to find stores for the first time.
One day last summer, my youngest son and I were having lunch there and he wondered why I  was was so concerned politically. My son is self-employed, He now owns a store he opened himself, and I'm very proud of him. I started to tell him about guvmint policies affecting small business.
I then called Tony over and he sat down and told us what it was like to have a government dictate to you every move you could make. Where you can live,  what you can sell, what kind of signage you can have...
Shortly after that Tony started hosting Tea Party meetings in his restaraunt and still does.
This former Albanian citizen is more of an American mindset than the President of the U.S.



Posted By Ed B

We were in a diner we frequent (particularly before church on Wednesday nights) and the TV was on (why do we need TVs in restaurants?).
I was facing the screen, which I hate because it distracts me from the conversation I'm having with my wife.
We don't watch much besides Fox and DVDs in the evening. So now I'm exposed to a succession of campaign commercials that I hear so much about, but rarely see.
I started to laugh, and Scherie asked what was funny. Almost every Democrat commercial was saying:
That's all they've got.
This morning she was listening to the radio while in the shower and when she came out she asked, "Did you hear that?".
I said no, hear what?
She had heard a commercial for a local race and pointing out that the accusation about social security had been raised by his opponent running for state government.
The commercial rightly pointed out:
State Government Doesn't Control Social Security!

But it's all about the scare.

Posted By Ed B

I was the first caller on Bill Bennett's Morning in America yesterday.
About 3,000,000 people heard me suggest music that Bill might play after the election.

I suggested playing Groucho Marx singing (as Obama prototype Rufus T. Firefly, in Duck Soup) "Hello, I must be going!".

I really wish I knew at the time that I had the wrong movie and the wrong character, but at least the right actor and the right sentiment.
It was "Animal Crackers" and he was Captain Spaulding. Oh well. Hope nobody noticed. Out of 3,000,000 people.

In other news tonight....
I stopped on my way home from work to pick up some yard signs. I thought to get some for my neighbors, and they were appreciative.
I found that they were unaware of some candidates and were happy to hear more. We all can learn something from talking to each other.
It only occurred to me today that there are some candidates that I need to research, such as State Supreme Court candidates and other non-partisans.

I can't believe the number of people I talk to who have no intention to vote, though.
At the risk of offending anyone who might read this, including my own kids,:
If you don't vote, you are ignorant of the gravity of the situation and of the price paid to protect your right (not privilege) to vote.
Even if your vote is a throwaway, as it often is here in Michigan (but not this time), your vote is the fulfillment of a responsibility as a citizen.


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Woke up in the middle of the night to the phone ringing.
It was my sister-in-law Tani, with news that "our" daughter had given birth to a baby boy.

Charity had lived with us few years before enlisting in the Army.
I "adopted" her with her consent.
I gave her away to Vince (who she met in Iraq) a couple years ago, and this is their second child. Her first labor (with Avalon) was 36 hours. This one (Chance) was about eleven hours.


9 pounds. That's a keeper, right?

Posted By Ed B

I got a mailer from the NRA urging me to vote for John Dingell. I see on the news today that they also endorsed Joe Manchin of West Virginia.

Granted, both these candidates are pro-NRA, and pro gun ownership.

Dingell has been in office for 55 years! He and his dad (who held the seat before him) have been proponents of nationalized health care since the 30's.
Frankly, Manchin should run as a Republican, he's so much closer to conservative positions.

However, the election of either of these candidates would add to the ability of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid retaining her position and the ability of Obama to pursue his agenda, which we know is opposed to those "clinging bitterly to their guns and religion."

If the assertion that the Second Amendment protects the other nine, then perhaps the effect of a candidate's election on the other nine should be considered before an endorsement is given.

I understand that the NRA is a single issue organization. Their charter does not require them to protect anything but gun rights. But what if the election of a candidate they support tangentially (there's the word I was looking for) threatens that right by empowering the candidates party in limiting those other rights?

Why couldn't the NRA just refrain from an endorsement of either candidate?





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