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Pascal Fervor wrote something wherein he prays for our country while admitting that he is an agnostic, a word for "don't know". The Latin is "ignoramus", but that obviously does not describe Pascal.
I was once an agnostic. And I prayed.
I am a graduate of twelve years of catholic school. We had priests who were family friends.
I almost went into the seminary. Then a priest came on to me in a confessional after I confessed doing something all boys do, repeatedly, in private.
I just stopped going to church after high school graduation.
When I went into Basic Training, the TI marched us to church. The choice was protestant or catholic at the chapel. I went with the catholics. Before mass I thought I should go to confession.
"Bless me father, for I have sinned. It's been two years since my last confession. I forget the rest of the words, can you help me out?"
"What do you mean, you forget the words?", he said and then said soemthing else I don't recall, but the words did not encourage me to stay there, so I walked out.
When the TI came back I was sitting on the steps of the chapel. We talked for a while about why I was out there.

Two years later, I was picked up at an airport in Frankfort, Germany, driven to a hotel in Wiesbaden and dropped off. I was told I'd be collected the next day. It was late.
Sometime in the middle of the night, I woke up in intense pain. It felt like when I'd passed a kidney stone the year before, only much worse. Much worse.
I did not know what to do. The night clerk did not speak english. I felt like I had no recourse. So I prayed.
And I quote: "If there's a god out there who can hear me, if you heal me, I will do all in my power to find you and serve you."
And the pain went away.
Trapped by my own words.
I spent the next three years investigating magic, Eastern Mysticism, psychedelics and a lot of other stuff.

I ruled out Christianity, because I'd read the Bible as a kid, and had
never seen any contemporary power in the Christian church I was familiar with.
But I believe that if you are sincerely looking, you will find that God has found you.

Posted By Ed B

Friday was my last non-weekend day before the new job.
Amazing to be laid off for four months and still not have accomplished everything I had hoped to do.
Two big issues for the last couple years were some ceiling drywall rain damage in my sunroom addition and some wood flooring damage in the kitchen from when a pipe started leaking.
I hate drywall work for one, and I had a hard time finding the roof leak over the sunroom.
Some of you DIYs out there might get something out of this.
I flashed my fireplace chimney when I reroofed a couple of years ago. I've done this a few times so I'm not new at it. But I missed something. A couple months ago, I went up in the rain to observe. I saw puddling behind the chimney. The next dry sunny day, I took a couple cans of expanding foam and filled in that area, crowning it in the center, tapering to the sides. I took a bread knife and carved the lumps off, and then I painted it with roof tar to waterproof it. Voila.
So last week my son Caleb helped me place the 10 by 4 foot drywall in the ceiling and screw it up, er, screw it in place.

Did some spackling. Just need to tape and mud the seams.
Looks so much better already.

The hard part about the kitchen repair was selecting the tile, and the amount of wood floor past the damage we wanted to remove. We finally agreed last week.
Yesterday, I cut a straight line across the wood floor between the dining area and the kitchen, removed the damaged wood, and with the help (95%) of my good friend Jeff, we laid ceramic tile in the kitchen area. Jeff used to install professionally before taking up nursing, after the Marines, and sometime after being a cop. Jeff's now a campaign manager. He's gonna be grown up soon. Time to make a decision as to what he wants to be when he grows up. I know it's not tiling. He hates tiling. That's how good a friend he is.
It looks beautiful.

While he was tiling, I was trying to fix my sons rear brakes (drums) on his 96 Contour. After years of pretty standard drum brake design, someone at Ford decided they had a better idea. Reading the internet posts calling for help with this better idea, I realized I wasn't the only one wondering why these were not coming apart.

TWO DAYS on a brake job?!?!???
All better now.
Two more days to new job.
Thanks for stopping by.

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I dropped Scherie off at work, pulled out of the parking lot and turned on the radio to Bill Bennett's "Morning in America".
Rick Santorum said something about Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize.
First thought: "As if...".
Then I discover He did.
I checked the GPS just to make sure I wasn't on Bizarro World again.
Never can be sure about these things anymore.

I guess you don't have to actually do anything to win these things.
No purchase necessary, contestants will be judged on best presentation, need not be present to win.
The fix is in.
When do the seven years start?





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