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Posted By Ed B

Things have been a bit sparse around this old place lately. I imagine many of you are clicking, yawning and moving on.  I don't blame you. Pretty soon the political landscape will open up and I will have some things to say.

Maybe not.

I have some issues going on in my life. Work is keeping me busy. I am sure you have no interest at all in what I eat for lunch, or my opinion on sports. Heck, you might not care about my opinion on anything!

Surfing my daily reads leads me to believe I am not alone in my blogapathy. I will try harder in the future.

Posted By Ed B

Last Sunday, I asked a guy from church to go out on the Detroit River with me after church. He's the father of a friend of ours, and Scherie was unable to go.

We drove towards the river, about a half hour away. We were about a mile away from Elizabeth Park, stopped at a light when we got hit from behind.
The lady behind us was stopped, but she got rammed into us by the guy behind her! My skeg had sliced into her bumper!

New prop bent. Boat on trailer crooked. Transom bent. Motor transom support bent.

We went out anyway. Had a good time. Scary at one point when the hull started vibrating. Turned out that with the transom bent a little, the motor could be trimmed (and was) to a position where it was in contact with the hull. Trimmed up, noise gone. Went around Grosse Isle, over to Canada and around Bois Blanc (Bob-Lo).  Came back, pulled the boat out of the water and realized that the trailer was bent and twisted as the boat wouldn't sit on it straight.
Saturday, after doing a brake job for my neighbor, Mike, I Jacked the boat up and rolled the trailer out from under it. Sounds easy, doesn't it?
Mike, a retired millwright, marvelled at it. I was amazed I did it. Reminded me of the Egyptians and the pyramids (If indeed the ... oh never mind).
There were a few snapped members. We welded, torched and bent the frame back to a semblance of normalcy at my good friend Eugene's shop Saturday night.

Sunday, after church, we took Nate and Norma Weiser to dinner. They look good for 89 and 94. They usually treat us to dinner in the dining room of their retirement village (always a treat), but we were running late and took them to Olive Garden instead. Nate remarked on how difficult it was for him to confront so many choices after a few years of selecting from two or three entrees.
We came home and I started replacing the wood and rollers on the trailer. My friend Mike, the millwright was kind enough to help get the trailer back under the boat.
All was going according to plan. Our close friends, Jeff and Rachel, were coming to visit for a boat ride out to the restaurant on Monday, and we had planned a surprise 50th birthday party for her at the restaurant. Some friends and our former pastors were going to meet us there. Scherie baked a cake.
Change of plans. The weather which was supposed to be sunny and warm was cool and overcast. Then they called and said they'd be delayed. I was not happy with how things were going. We asked them to meet us at the restaurant.

It was a nice meal topped by Scherie's cake. Good fellowship and anecdotes.
As the others were leaving, the sun came out. Jeff and I went home and got the boat, came back, picked up the womenfolk...

All is well.

Hope yours went well, also.

Posted By Ed B

I've got a few things I want to post but with twelve hour days on top of 1 hour each way, dinner and some face time with my wife, it's hard.

Hopefully this weekend.




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