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Posted By Ed B

Let me start by saying that what I'm about to post has been preoccupuying me so much, I've been unable to write about anything else, but I couldn't write this, yet.

I’ve been unemployed since Memorial Day weekend.
Others have had it tougher, but this is the longest I’ve ever been unintentionally on layoff for more than a couple days since I entered the work force. Every time I’ve been laid off, or a plant has closed, the Home Planet has arranged a new position almost immediately.

I don’t know how other people handle it. I was told by my “superiors” (while working 80 hrs weeks, salaried) that we’d be rotating the layoff, to distribute the pain.
The Engineering Manager is incompetent, and I had complained about him to the plant manager repeatedly. It was affecting my ability to do my job. So each time I’d complain, the plant manager would address the complaint.
While I was off, the plant manager quit. This left the plant under an interim manager who would not override the decision of my manager to get even. Instead of being off two weeks, they'd call me.

This led to panic on my part. At that time, daily newscasts spoke of the imminent demise of the auto industry, etc.

I started occupying myself with removing the old heating system in the church with a new one, working on friend’s houses, cars, etc. Repairing what I could around our house at low expense.

Praying. Fretting. Praying. Not sleeping at night.

Wondering why I felt abandoned by the Home Planet.

After a couple months, I decided that God was going to provide, so I should act like it. Not splurge, but not live in fear. So we ate out once in a while when time constrained us. I put money into the vehicles that needed it; tires, ball joints, etc.
I bought tile to fix the kitchen floors water damage and dry wall for the sunroom repairs.
I polished my resume! and helped a neighbor roof his house.

I kept up with my job search.
I’ve worked as a skilled trades maintenance tech, a maintenance supervisor, a facility manager, an automation designer, controls engineer. I began to feel that employers thought I was overqualified for some stuff, and under qualified for other stuff.

I’ve been wary of writing about this until now. As you know, any HR person could Google my name and end up here. So I didn’t want to say anything too derogatory or controversial.

I went to the Tea Party (see previous entry), and heard from the Home Planet to go to Culver’s for lunch instead of Wendy’s. As I said then, it was encouraging to know that I could still hear from the Home Planet.

If you’ve read previously, you know I worked under my truck doing a lot of welding. The second day, I was very frustrated with the results, or lack thereof, and extremely concerned that I may have damaged my eyes. I ended up in the house literally crying to God to protect my eyes, and while I was at it, I asked for a job, again.

Back in the garage, I got a message (from the Home Planet) that I would get a job the next week.
I told my wife and a couple friends. I told my Pastor. I was afraid to tell anyone else. The accuracy of the previous message encouraged me, but who knows? The next week almost passed and on Friday I got an interview with a company, but no offer. The interview went well, but they often do.

This week they made me an offer. Friday, I accepted. It’s a 70 mile drive, and it’s a midnight shift.

And I thank God for it. 

Posted By Ed B

I haven't posted in a bit.

For being unemployed, I sure have been busy lately (see previous post).
Last week, I attended a Tea Part Express function in Jackson, MI.
I had the time, and one of my closest friends was going to be there.

I live about 45 minutes east of Jackson, and he lives 45 minute west of there.
He is currently managing the campaign of Steven Mobley, who is running as an independent for the state senate. It’s an off year election to fill the seat of a democrat who got voted into congress. Steve is promoting Fair Tax as part of his platform.
It was raining as I left for Jackson, but I didn’t want to miss anything by staying home.
When I got to the park where the rally was, I parked near the entrance to the parking lot so Jeff could see where I was as he entered. He parked next to me, which put him right on the corner of the entrance/exit.
The rain stopped.
We talked for a bit and then carried a lot of signs for both his candidate and Fair Tax and we stood near the platform. Steve came over and said that he was talking to some of the organizers about Fair Tax, and they asked him to speak at the rally about Fair Tax and his candidacy! What a boon!
People started asking us about Fair Tax and we explained it and they took signs and waived them during the rally.

Steve spoke well when it was his turn and he was well received by the crowd.
We sang the Nation Anthem at one point. Later, after hearing Steve sing, when we sang God Bless America,
Lloyd Marcus took Steve to his side to help him lead the crowd! It all went well.

Of course, the only attention the media gave was to a guy strapping a Glock and an AK who left right after his interview.
When it was over, I went to Jeff’s van and put a lawn sign in the ground. People stopped and congratulated me on my singing! I said thanks, vote for me and take a sign. This happened repeatedly.
When the last car left the lot (besides us) it started to rain.
Jeff suggested we get lunch at Culver’s. I’d never been to Culvers, I thought they were expensive and I was budget conscious, so I suggested Wendy’s. Jeff said OK and we left.
On the way, I got a transmission from the Home Planet. It said: Go to Culvers.

It had been awhile since I’d heard from the Home Planet and I was getting concerned about my receiver, so this was good news. I called Jeff and we met there. When we got there, we talked to the help while looking at the menu (this place wasn’t pricey at all). They asked about the buttons we were wearing and asked for some for there aprons!
It was then that Steve and his wife walked in the door. They offered to buy. WooHoo!
We found a table and reviewed the day, and how blessed we’d been.
The owner came over and asked me if I was running for office. I said I was just the stunt double for Steve. She asked if he was republican or democrat. We said neither. Liberal or conservative. Anti or pro abortion? She then sat down and joined us. We explained Steve’s position and the Fair Tax. She then indicated that she might get some friends together for Steve to talk to. It all helps.
I’m glad I got the message from the Home Planet.
A couple days later I got another...

Posted By Ed B

Not dead, just living under my truck for the last few days. Just me and the welder and the torches and the floor jacks and the epoxy and the drill and the rust in the eyes and maybe tomorrow I'll be done. Oil pan rusted through in a few places. Glad I noticed, since I normally park in a dirt lot. Can't remove the pan without pulling the motor, so it's repair by other means. Only one more broken exhaust manifold stud to drill out, and then reassemble.


That was fun. When I fired it up, no oil leak. Took it off the jackstands. Got in the cab. Foot on the brake, to the floor. Turn off the engine. Get out of the cab. Jack up the truck again.

Proceed to change two brake lines I never went near before. Better now than later.

God speaks to us in many ways. I'm hearing: "Ed, get another truck." It's a still small voice.

I could be making it up.

Posted By Ed B

While no one was there, for once.

I got a call Friday from our Pastor. He asked me to repair the front door of the church. It had been hit by a bullet from a .357.

When I got there, he and I determined that the bullet had damaged a weatherstrip on the outside and bent a lip on the bottom of the door as it exited and went down the hallway. His son found it at the front of the church.
We banged some metal and I went to the hardware to get a weatherstrip.

When I got to the hardware store, I asked the guy behind the counter if the weatherstrip was under warranty. He wanted to see the receipt. So I bought the weatherstrip. And I told him how it happened.

After hearing the story, he said the police caught the guy they were chasing, right behind his house.

But that wasn't the guy that shot the door, nor were the police.
Watch the video. Our church has the columns on the right side of the screen.

The whole time I'm fixing the door, Brock is sitting on his porch watching me.

I assume he's got my back.

Posted By Ed B

Freddy posted something about "mom" relationships.
I guess girls typically have issues with their mom.
I know my sister did, but moms can be interesting, as in "not perfect".
As I noted before, I had sibling rivalry issues with my younger bro (but not my youngest bro).
This caused some disruptions in the peacefulness of our household.
Now it just occurred to me as it might occur to you: Why did Mom let it go on?
Frankly, it got so bad between Mom and I, that my older sister and brother-in-law took me into their home as often as they could.
Weekends, summers, etc. to get me away from her. Sis became a surrogate mom to me.
After Dad left Mom, Mom kicked me out of the house, and I lived with my sis to finish out two years of high school.
Years later, Mom and I were talking (after not talking for years), and she said that she had grown up as an only child. She had always wanted to be part of a large family.
And she looked forward to having a lot of kids. She had my sister by her first husband, but left him because of his alcolholism.
When she married Dad, she had a number of miscarriages, and finally she had me, then two more sons.
She then apologized for not being a better mom. She went on to say that since she had no experience with fraternal squabling, and only having "Ozzie and Harriet" and "My Three Sons" to reference, she wondered how she had been cursed with "My Three Sons... from Hell".
She had no idea how to react. So she overreacted. Looking back, I saw she had no sisters, and none of her friends had multiple sons to tell her what was normal. Or how to deal with it.
So she apologized. My whole view of Mom changed.

When Mom was dying, she was in Louisianna and I was in a pickle. If I visited her, I wouldn't have enough money for going to the funeral.
I was working afternoons and a brother walked by and asked how my mom was doing, and he told me to call her.
He was the only guy in the plant who could keep my robotic line running.
I went to a pay phone and called Mom. I then told her of my dilemma. She could barely talk. She said to not worry about it, and that she was too tired (and out of breath) to continue talking.
Then she said "I love you, Sweetie."
I got the call in the middle of the night. Mom had died shortly after I talked to her.

God is so good.



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