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Posted By Ed B

I thougth of Average Joe today.

Yesterday, I called a salesman who represents a product I've used before.
This is a different sales area from where I've purchased before so I had to rely on a salesman I've no experience with.
It's been less than satisfactory dealing with him.
On the way home, I remembered a different salesman I had used before for similar vacuum related products but not the actual pump I wanted.
I called him and he said he was going to be calling on GM today just a couple miles from our plant. He said they now offered an alternative to the pump I was considering.
He's an excellent salesrep and I've always enjoyed working with him in developing a process.
He came by this afternoon and I showed him what I'd been up to. He thought it was cool.
I got a call from the maintenance manager who asked If I would assist his guys in getting a laser going again.
We went over to the laser, and while I was assisting, the salesman's phone beeped. He looked at me and said it's an e-mail from his boss, joking that they had probably discontinued his vacuum product.
As he read I saw the look of disbelief on his face: they had discontinued his vacuum product.
He apologized, we said goodbye and he left.

I remember years ago, after high school, I had taken a job as a route salesman for Stella Doro. After all the training and introductions to buyers, the manager told me I wouldn't be needed. He had just figured out I was only 18.
I then got a franchise from a friend of mine who had been one of my teachers in high school.
He had started a construction company after I graduated, and I had worked for him.
He then opened a  "boutique"/head shop in town.
A guy had come in to sell him "bootleg" eight track tapes to sell in his store.
He ended up buying the franchise for southeastern Michigan and northwestern Ohio.
He told me I could have Ohio.
I went about establishing a route and did well. At eighteen, I was self-employed.
I remember going into a drug store one day and having the owner/pharmacist show me some tapes someone had left with him to consider selling.
They had foil labels!
I had to knock my price down accordingly.
I then realized that sales was not for me, if I could not control the product I was selling.

My friend called me back later today to tell me that his company had informed him that though they had severed relations with their former supplier, they had a new and better source to offer and that I'd laugh my butt off when he was released to tell me their name.
There may be a reason I wasn't hearing from the other guy so much...

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This summer has not been kind to my boating efforts.
Long work days, Repairs to the vessel. Inclement weather. Other demands on my time.
Saturday was only the fourth time on the water this year and it's the end of August.
We've been on the lake as late as October, to watch the colors change, but it's obviously cooler then.
Yesterday, after repairing the wiring, (having replaced the water pump from the last attempt to start the motor in the driveway before that) I cleaned the boat inside and out.
Our very good friends from Battle Creek were coming to visit and we wanted to take them out on the water.
God blessed us with good weather.
I am not a wealthy man by American standards.
I live like a king compared to 98% of Earth's population.
(As an aside, I was recently asked by a liberal: "What planet do you live on?" to which I replied, "What choices do you imagine exist?").
I live about a mile from Belleville Lake, along which abide some of the wealthiest people (by American standards) in Michigan.
Lest you wonder, I have posted a picture of my humble abode (and boat) previously.
When our friends arrived, we proceeded to the launch.
While waiting to put in, we talked with other people of good will who were there. A young black man with his almost four year old son (who wanted to go tubing) was there with his white friend. Another gentleman had just put his fishing canoe in the water. We saw them later on the water.
Belleville Lake is really a five mile stretch of the Huron River that had been dammed in the 30s by Henry Ford and his pal Edison to power small factories.
It was originally called Edison Lake and abuts Ford Lake (similarly a man-made lake) which is just upstream of it.
For us, going on the water is about sightseeing.
From the water, you see landscaping and architecture you'd never see from the street.
You also see natural shoreline teeming with wildlife.
Personally, I like watching for the Blue Heron. Every now and then I sit and watch one until it takes to flight and I get to chase it across the lake. We were rewarded with this yesterday.
There is a stretch of the lake where, as you go under a road bridge (which my air horns just clear), the water becomes river again up to the dam that creates Ford Lake. This water is only 150' across and is thus a no-wake zone. This is where you really see the turtles, cranes, kingfishers, hobos (first sighting of the season yesterday), herons, etc.
We saw what I thought was a baby heron, which I'd never seen before. Then we saw a couple more. We're not sure they were baby heron, and I'm not sure how to determine what we saw.
During our time on the water we docked at a diner and had lunch. We usually keep cheap cereal on the boat to feed the ducks and swans. Our friends' son enjoyed doing this from the dock while we waited for our food. There are huge carp near these dock that fight with the ducks for the cheerios.
A few weeks ago Scherie and I had seen a family of swans near an island and noticed that as we approached, a baby swan didn't move away with the family. The swans rarely allow us to approach them.
It appeared that this baby was stuck. As we got closer, I discovered that it was tangled in fishing line.
I got out my knife and worked to free it. It's leg was wrapped tight and swollen and it's neck was bound also. As I freed it, it knocked the penknife out of my hand into the water.
Later as we floated offshore, the papa swan actually swam up to the boat as if to say thank you!
Since then, the family has approached the boat each time so we can feed them.
Not yesterday though.

All in all  a good day.

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Well, I had one.
It happened on the drive home.
It wasn't related to stopping that idiot from passing me to cut in front of me between me and that car two lengths ahead of me..
It wasn't work related.
It was pretty insightful.
I wanted to share it with you.

I still do.

If I could just remember what it was.
Oh yeah.

Liberals like to proclaim how open minded they are.
Willing to listen and be reasonable.
Not put people in a pigeonhole or pre-judge.
I heard one say on the radio today that she can't believe that Herman Cain is not being paid to run by some rich republican to deflect racism charges from the party.
Michelle Bachmann is a victim of Stockholm Syndrome.
What black man of his own volition would choose to be conservative?
What woman in her right mind would do the same?
The left cannot contemplate the possibility that people can think for themselves and come to a conclusion other than theirs.

That's narrow-mindedness.
Also, they are the party with the rich, behind the scenes, string pullers like Soros, so they can't imagine the right not doing that.
They are so insular that they can't relate to people that are unlike them.
I frankly can't understand how liberals come to their conclusions, but I would never think that they couldn't come to their wackiness on their own.
Well there is that kool-aid....

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And not much of one.
But I saw another Geico commercial that made me laugh.
The one where they hire robots instead of humans for daycare.


GEICO has it's own Youtube channel.

With all that creative genius, when will they start their own cable channel?

It'd have to be funnier than Comedy Central.

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Got up this morning to go to a gun range with other guys from our church.
Plenty of time.
My good friend Jim called and asked how to get there as I was getting ready to leave.
I googled a map and screenshot it to put in an e-mail to send him.
Computer was at a crawl, and when it asked if I want to reboot and I said no, it did so anyhow.
Finally got the screenshot, e-mailed it and waited for him to get it.
And waited.

And... you get the idea,

Finally, I told him to meet me at a certain exit.
I printed the map and promptly left it on the table as I went out the door.
I realized I left it but I had google maps on my smart-phone Blackberry and that would get me the last couple turns I wasn't sure about.
Met Jim at a McD's where he went in to get a breakfast sandwich and a coffee.

And waited.

And... you get the idea,

On the road we got to the intersection where I should consult google maps only to find that GPS was not available.

The satellites had not fallen out of the sky.
Cell phone GPS is not based on the satellite system like your Garmin. It triangulates on cell towers. No cell reception, no location.
I have a cell phone extender in my computer server room (next to the gym, beyond the pool). This device connects to the internet and serves as a mini cell tower so that I get cell reception at home.
As a result, if I google map on my grounds, trying to find my way back to the manse, it says I'm somewhere in Cleveland. You can't fool me. I don't know where I am, but it's not Cleveland.

I still have the maps, but missed a turn.
The coffee is demanding to leave.
My pastor texts me to ask if I'm coming.
Google maps comes back on line, but doesn't remember where I want to go and I don't want to type it back in while scaring Jim enough by doing 65 down the gravel roads.
So I stop and type it in. And it says turn left at the next cow trail and connect with the road I want. The cow trail shows up, there's only one turn to make so I make it and continue back to a road I left 10 minutes ago, never seeing the road I want.
I'm ready more than any other time to shoot something, and it's my phone.
I finally stop to get rid of some coffee and discover how large the mosquitoes are in that part of Michigan.
I reconsult the maps and realize a couple miles and we should be there.
And we were.
My pastor and his son were the only ones from our church left and his son smirks and taps his dad's shoulder. I told him not to make me slap him.
He's a good kid (and big) so I didn't mean it.
Broke out the gun bags and shot the AK, the Security Six and the Kahr.
Jim had his Buckmark, but left his Hi-Power in his car.
Gave the AK to the pastor's son and he grouped excellent. When I shot it I grouped in the same area.
The rangemasters were decent, but I chafe at some of the restrictions.
Six in the magazine max, 3 seconds between shots, and if you leave your targets on the bench when it's time to post them, you can't cross the yellow line to get them. If you want to pass your rifle to the next lane, you have to case it.
When I got home, I finished replacing the lower end of my boat motor, having removed it a couple days ago to see if the water pump was damaged.
It was, because when i started the motor in the driveway, the garden hose to the muffs (a device like ear-muffs that clamps around the bottom of the motor where the water gets drawn in from the lake) was kinked, so the pump ran dry. By the time I figured it all out it was too late.
I fired up the motor and all is well.
Except I'm too beat and it looks like rain.

If you took the time to read this, thank you.
If you didn't, you'll never know what you're missing.
That might be best.






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