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Bush is polling higher than Obama
in some key Democratic districts.

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There's a movie on cable right now with Charlize Therone called The Box.
I haven't seen it, but the trailers make it look like the premise is this:
If you push the button on this box, you will gain a million dollars in your account.
However, someone in the world, whom you do not know, will perish.

This is not a new premise.
The Democrats have been playing this game for years:
"Flip this lever in the ballot box, and money will accrue to your account.
It will however come from the account of other people who will not be able to hold you responsible."

It does not, however, star Charlize Therone.


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This year, my birthday falls on the day after my sister's wedding anniversary.

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At my sister and brother-in-laws 50th anniversary celebration last night (more about this later):
My "little" brother Tom tells me about a guy in the year 2013 who goes up to the U.S. Marine at the entrance to the White House and asks to see President Obama.

The guard answers that Mr. Obama is no longer president.
The man thanks him and leaves.
The next day, the man arrives again and asks to see President Obama.
The guard politely reminds him that Mr. Obama is no longer president.
The man says thank you again and leaves.

The next day the scene is repeated.
The guard then asks: "Sir, why do you keep asking to see President Obama, when I repeatedly tell you he is no longer president?"
The man replies, " I so like hearing you say that".


I recently signed up for Facebook to see some stuff posted by my nieces and nephews, sister, etc.

A guy who was a friend in high school wanted to "friend" me. In high school, this guy encouraged me to not spend so much time with my girlfriend and more time with my buddies. After she and I broke up, he was right on it. Hey, I did stuff I'm not proud of, so I "friend" him.

He hasn't messaged me, but I see his stuff, of course.
He recently posted what was admittedly a photoshopped picture of Sara Palin wrapped in a flag, holding a cross with a quote from Sinclair Lewis warning us that the downfall of America would come wrapped in a flag, holding a cross.

I couldn't let it go. I'm a little ambivalent about Palin, but I commented with a quote from Wikipedia that Lewis died of alcoholism and that if he wanted a prophet, he could pick better. He replied that, even if Lewis' speech was slurred, it didn't detract from the truth of what he was saying.
So because Lewis was a famous writer (yet, who was a drunk and a socialist/communist sympathiser), we should regard his opinion highly?

I don't get it. Why don't people open their eyes to what is being done to us in Washington?

I can't afford one more Democratic attempt to fix things.
My grandchildren won't be able to afford it, either.

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I was wondering, on my drive home last night, why I hadn't heard back from Traffic Court, and whether there was a warrant out for me.

That's when my beautiful bride called and said I'd gotten a letter from the court.

After the letter to the judge,
Speeding 5 over in a construction zone ($200 and 2 points)
was reduced to..........

Double Parking ($200 and no points).


That and I got a fine for hitting a rock with my propeller.

$163 for a new prop, payable to Sunshine Marina.



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