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It's a nice day.
Reminds me that Jesus said "Take The Boat Out" (Matthew 14:22).
Probably to go fishing.
He obviously thought Boating to be critical to the spiritual, moral, and mental well being of every person.
Try to remember His words when the engine has conked out, the food is all gone, the radar is broken, the pump has stopped working, the charts went overboard, and you just hit a rock..."
This is the day the Lord has made.
I will rejoice and be glad in it.

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Reading at (too lazy to hyper-link) where og was remembering a French restaurant he knew reminded me of an experience Sherie and I once had.

We were driving to Niagara Falls (step by step, inch by inch, slowly I turned) on the 401 through Canada and pulled off in Brampton to get dinner.
We had left Ypsi after work on a Friday night so we were a couple hours from home and getting hungry.
We drove around looking for an Italian eatery.
We pulled up in front of a promising looking one only to find it out of busness.
A guy walked by and I asked if he knew of another in town.
He said to walk down two blocks, turn left, and watch carefully as it wasn't a big place.
We got there and opened the door.
There were maybe 8 tables in the place and it wasn't big.
We were greeted and I asked if a table was available (they were all empty).

I was surprised to hear that they didn't begin serving til seven, and it was by reservation only.
I expressed our disappointment, and was rewarded with the agreement that they would serve us if we promised to be out by seven or a little after.
Marvelous food, and not overly expensive.
They did a lunch trade being near an office district and it was all word of mouth.

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I've had this old safe for a couple years now, and haven't figured out how to get into it discreetly.

That leaves this:




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A couple days ago, I had an opportunity to get out of work early.
Scherie and I were supposed to go into the Peoples Republic of Ann Arbor to take care of some CCW stuff, since it's the county seat.
I called her when I left work, but she said she wouldn't be ready for a couple hours.
I told her I was taking the scenic route home then.
I live in Ypsi, but work in Toledo.
In between is Monroe, where I went to high school (and shopping, and the movies, etc.) when growing up, and Carleton and Flat Rock, where I grew up after the fourth grade.
Every few years, I wander around the areas, refamilarizing myself with the back roads and memories. Did that a few times with my dad.
I drove along Lake Erie for awhile, admiring the boat yards and planning to drag my boat down that way again.
I then drove to Carleton to drop off a DVD for my little bro Tom and his wife to watch (Like Dandelion Dust, Netflix, 5 thumbs up).
On the way, I drove by a motel that my parents used to own, where I did a lot of maintenance as a teenager.
Near there is a country road that I had never gone down before (in that direction).
I remembered that when I rode the school bus, a girl I knew would get on and off there.
I never knew her much more than talking (teasing) on the bus and an occasional party, etc.
Last year, our class started planning a 40th re-union for this September.
Turns out I won't be going since I'll be at my niece's wedding in Florida that weekend.
At some point on Facebook, I saw her comment on a friend's post.
I messaged her and said hi. She had a best friend who I knew also, and I asked about her, and they had stayed in touch all these years.

So I drove down that road to see what it looked like.
I drove by a number of farms.
In the garage of one them, an old farmer waved at me and I waved back.
I ran out of road and turned back.
That guy was now standing at his mail box watching me approach, so I stopped.
He said he thought I was the paper carrier.
I said no, that I was just reminiscing, my family owned that motel (which is now a storage facility/party store?!?) and that I knew a girl in high school who lived down there.
He said that she was his daughter. His name is Angelo.
Angelo I talked for a bit and he suggested I pull in his driveway.
We went in his garage and he offered me a beer. I took a pop and we talked.
He knew my brother Tom.
His son Raymond and Tom had been friends, something I was oblivious to.
He knew my mom. He beamed when he remembered her because she had helped him with some real estate difficulties he had had in the day.
He knew my dad, our neighbors.
I had always wondered about Cindy's ethnic background, because I've never heard a last name similar to hers until recently, and that guy was from Bangladesh.
Because of his accent, I asked if he was first generation.
He had been born on Malta and lived through WW2 there.
He had heard naval battles from his house. Witnessed air battles and bombardments.
He loves this country because of what it did for his. It stopped the Nazis from daily bombing his land.
He came to this country after the war and worked 30 years at Chrysler to support his farming habit.
He showed me his garden and offered me some Zuchini, he was out of tomatoes.
He raises them to share.
By God, I'm glad I met him.

My brother was excited to hear all this, and is going to try and contact Raymond I think.
His clearest memory of Angelo is when he and Ray were kids, and Angelo would drive them somewhere, and out in the middle of nowhere, at some farmroad intersection, Angelo would use his turn signals.
Then I mentioned Lynette, Cindy's friend, and Tom remembered her younger brothers who he had also been friends with. We talked about that for a bit.

I should leave work early more often.

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