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My dad grew up in the previous Depression.

He mined coal in Pennsylvania.

My dad landed at Normandy, and was at Bastogne during the Bulge.

Those things effected me little.

He came home.

He married mom and became a dad.

He provided a home and an education for me.

He led at Boy Scouts. Took us camping and on long vacations.

He taught me right from wrong and to stand up for myself and others.

And how to work on cars.


Dad and his help

That about sums it up.

Oh yeah.

I miss him.

Happy Father's Day.

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Check the sneer.

Elvis sneer Obama sneer

Worst Elvis impersonation ever.

Worst POTUS impersonation, also.

Posted By Ed B

If you voted for Obama in 2008 to prove you're not a racist,

vote against him in 2012 to prove you're not an idiot.


See more here.



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One of the few remaining B17s crashed and burned today. The crew escaped, which appears to be a miracle.


 B17 Liberty Belle


Last year I was privileged to see this in Ypsilanti, over Willow Run Airport.

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Obama came to Toledo yesterday to address the Jeep plant about the economy and what he's doing to make things better for jobs.
We had to shut a production line down and send people home without pay because his visit shut down our deliveries to Jeep.
They shut down a major expressway during his visit.

They can do that beacause of the Commerce Clause, I'm sure.

In other news, Scherie had such a bad seizure Tuesday night I had to call EMS.
She ended up in ICU where they over-sedated her (my opinion).
Her blood pressure was dangerously low and they could not bring it up.
I finally talked them into reducing her sedation and her BP came up.

The nurse turned to me and said: "You're a really smart guy!".
That is so scary.

They finally released her last night and I thank God she's home.
I'm tired of fast food.
And laundry needs done.
You know.

More other news.
My boss gave notice. Next week is his last.
Put out his resume when things looked really scary a couple months ago and got a job in his old hometown. Can't blame him. Still don't know what it bodes for me.
I know it makes me more valuable there, but I don't know who I'll report to.
There's talk about hiring another engineer, when we (including my boss) are saying we need better maintenance tech support, not another engineer.
Some places, engineer means "really smart troubleshooter".
Like here.
That's because a lot of us come from maintenance ranks.
But not all.

Looking forward to a visit today from our friends in Battle Creek.

Have a great weekend.




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