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Posted By Ed B

Just in case the nut job was right, the guys in my church got together Saturday morning to use up our excess ammunition at the range. You can't take it with you.
Some other friends came along and we had a good time.

My son and grandson joined us.
My grandson did excellently with his dad's Sig 556, with open sights.
We went for lunch and Ice Cream in Manchester afterwords.
All remarked on what a glorious day it was.

I came home and did some cleaning and replacing of tools left out.
I cleaned my mill, which, because of one "rush" job after another over the years, had accumulated a lot of filth and chips.

Was just headed out to cut the grass in the cool of the evening when the rain fell. Lucky me!
But there's always today.
I can't seem to pay anyone (I offered my grandson $20) to pick up the firewood the dog dragged around the backyard.
Kids are spoiled these days when the prospect of earning $20 for a few hours work doesn't appeal to them.
Why should it?
They want a video game, a mp3 player, an ice cream cone, their parents are right on it.
I'm concerned about this, because I've seen that when some privileged children are denied later in life, they'll steal to accommodate their appetites.

Wow. That went downhill. Back to yesterday.
Glorious day! Hopefully today will be as nice.

By the way, Herman Cain seems to have handily won over almost everyone who saw the S.C. Republican debate a couple weeks ago.
Who is this Tim Pawlenty? The wooden guy (not Rick Santorum, the other wooden guy).
Why is he touted so much and Cain ignored in the press?
I personally would love to see a Cain/Santorum ticket. What do I know?

Posted By Ed B

So he wants Israel to go back to 1967 borders!?!?

Give up half of Jerusalem? Their current capital?

Why not 1945 borders?

Are our borders next?

Should we go back to 1789 borders?

I won't miss him when he's gone.

Won't shed a tear.

Stand up and cheer.

Just a little over a year.

Posted By Ed B

I feel positively prolific here.

I'm waiting for a shopping list and I was recalling my earlier post today.

I was thinking about the guy in the White House.
Then i thought about the TV show "The West Wing", that was extolling the virtues of a "liberal" democratic president.
What would a show like that featuring Obama be like?
Instead of passionate plotting to get this or that legislation through Congress, we would presumably see scene's where O is plotting to get on Oprah, meet a rapper, play a game of golf, meet Paul McCartney, kill the economy, and appoint czars, hobnob with foreign leaders to denigrate the U.S.
We'd see a scene where when asked what he wanted to do about a pending legislative agenda, he'd say, "Leave it to Nancy and Harry and I'll sign it.".

We'd see maneuvering to put his lack of leadership in the best possible light.

We'll never see it.

Posted By Ed B

Sometimes I think it's not fair that I expect to read something at the blogs I surf regularly, but don't contribute much to the conversation lately.

Everybody is busy and everyone has excuses.
Mine is: I'm lazy.

Nahh, not so much, but in the evening, I sit with my wife at dinner and spend the evening with her instead of writing something. She almost broke her foot a week or more ago stepping off a chair, so I'm helping out with her stuff too.
I get very frustrated lately, at work, at the political situation, and I can't seem to do much about either.
I think that one of the things that depresses me more than others is that there is a clown, a buffoon, a face, a front man, a danger to the world sitting (or more properly: dancing, drinking, entertaining, schmoozing and posing) in the White House.
And the American People were stupid enough to put him there.
And the American People may be stupid enough to leave him there.
If God Himself should strike down Obama (and Biden), that would still leave us with an electorate that put them there in the first place.
I've been reworking my boat trailer. My boat was rear-ended in a traffic accident last year.
I've never been able to get the boat in the garage because it wouldn't fit under the door.
A friend of mine, Eugene, helped me fabricate a new "drop" axle for the trailer. It lowers the boat to the ground by five inches and allows me to get it in the garage to work on in wet or cold weather.
I used to be a maintenance supervisor at a plastics plant.
I came back from vacation one time and my guys told me that there was a guy who stopped by trying to drum up fabrication work for his business. When they gave him my card, he said he knew me.
I called my brother and he reminded me that we knew Eugene when we were kids, but more my brothers than me. He had a nickname that, while innocent, he'd rather forget, so I won't mention. Except when I want to jerk his chain a little.
Eventually, Eugene asked me to hire him so he'd have health insurance. When I was let go, Eugene left shortly after.
We've stayed in touch and are good friends now.
Well, off to breakfast and back to chores. I've got to finish forming and welding the fender braces for the trailer. Eugene's gonna bring some scrap aluminum plate his company is giving me for some electrical work I did for them, This I'll use to reinforce the transom on the boat. Then I can remount the six cylinder outboard. Replace some old wiring, and eventually go out on the water.

Have a great day.
If you think about it, pray for my brother-in-law, Bob. I just read on FB last night that he's in the hospital, and my sister is worried.

Thanks.and have a great weekend.

Posted By Ed B

Pascal is giving away free money!

$200 to TEApartiers Who Beat the GOP Candidate in Debate.





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