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Call Me Ishmael. These were the opening words of one of the most famous novels in literature. The narrator uses these words to introduce himself.

His name is not Ishmael. Why should I call him that?

This is why I first read the Bible.

I realized that if I were going to understand more of the world around me, and the literature that describes it, I would need a grasp of the major cultural touchstone, the central cultural reference point of western civilization: the Bible.

When Melville (the author of Moby Dick) used those words, he quickly summed up the position of the narrator. He was a bastard, cut loose from a very powerful family, left to make his own way, and as the story seems to show, with divine provision. These are the things we understand about Ishmael in the Bible.

Ishmael was the son of Abraham by his servant Hagar, an attempt to provide himself an heir since his wife was childless. Yet God had promised him a child by Sarah his wife.

Hagar and Ishmael hanging around would be detrimental to God's plan. So God had them leave, with a promise that he would still provide for them. And He did. Ishmael was at Abrahams funeral, and he was wealthy. But, of course, Isaac was the promised son, and the heir.

Melville said all this about his character in a three word shortcut: Call Me Ishmael.

I did not read the Bible because I was a goody two-shoes religious zealot. I often read the Bible on drugs, since I did everything else on drugs. 

I did not read the Bible to be reminded of my sins.

I read it to understand the world around me better.

Interestingly enough, some great minds, Newton being a most notable example, felt the same way.

I just wanted to know what people were talking about, or referring to.

I wanted to be less ignorant.

I never thought I'd get sucked in like this....

Posted By Ed B

The President of the United States has an obligation to defend the United States.

Not beg forgiveness for, or deride or condemn.

The President of the United States is the Chief Enforcement Officer. This is why the Department of Justice and all federal law enforcement and military agencies fall under his direction and command.

Barack Hussein Obama is failing that obligation. You probably already know this, but I must speak out.

When the president (and his minions) attacks the legal position of Arizona (an attack upon one is an attack upon us all), refuses to defend our borders, abandons our allies (Israel, Poland, et al), undermines the respect for law enforcement ("I think they behaved stupidly", "You can't go out for ice cream"), restrains our military capacity (thus needlessly endangering our troops), It is time for him to go.

Since he won't step down, and barring impeachment he will be in office until 2012, he must be rendered impotent.

This can only happen if we remove those in office that support his policies at the next opportunity.

Some opportunities come earlier than others.

The next major opportunity will be in November, but the battle is already in progress.

Those willing to serve in Congress to overturn this travesty are running for election now. They need financial support now

Find out who they are and support them now.

Our Founding fathers risked life, liberty and economic status to give us this government. Ten or twenty dollar contributions, in the aggregate, will see to its survival.  

Be not afraid to talk to your friends and co-workers about the issues. Speak loudly enough to be overheard in restaurants and waiting lines.

Uphold and Defend. It's your duty also.


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There's at least one Mom who visits here.

Every time I think I've got it rough:

I should remind myself I'm not a mom.

Posted By Ed B

Remember when you were a kid?

And you and your sibling(s) were warned:

"If something bad happens to the (insert something here: dog, vase, window...)

You're both getting punished!


There are only two real nuclear threats to America, now.

Russia has no interest in nuking us.

So terrorists are only going to get a bomb from a psycho regime.

Iran or North Korea.


We just announce to the world:

"If we get nuked by terrorists,

we're using a good percentage of those 5000 warheads we have

on reducing both Iran ad North Korea to glowing ashes."


I think they and their surrounding neighbors would have sufficient motiviation to protect us from that threat.




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