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Posted By Ed B

You don't have to vote for Barack Hussein Obama in 2012.
It's a secret ballot.
Vote for Herman Cain.

Walk out, and say "I voted for the Brother!".

You don't have to vote for Barack Hussein Obama in 2012.
It'll just be our little secret.

Posted By Ed B

EPA Rules Force Shell to Abandon Oil Drilling Plans

You now know who the enemy is.
You know who aids and abets the enemy.

If you don't know these by now,
If you wonder why you're paying so much for oil/gas,
Wonder no more.
It is the liberal, elitist, know better than you, Democratic Party.
If we had an agency that cut back agriculture (and it is) because of environmental controls, and food prices rose, and people went without, would there be an outcry?
Against who?
Agriculture or the EPA?

Depends on who's leading the outcry.

If we had an agency that cut back energy production (and it is) because of environmental controls, and energy prices rose, and people went without, would there be an outcry?
Against who?
Big Oil or the EPA?

Depends on who's leading the outcry.

Why don't you lead?

Cry TREASON!!!!!

Posted By Ed B

This used to be the greeting of Christians 2000 years ago.
The word for it was Maranatha.
It was probably code for "I'm a Christian."

Like drawing a fish in the sand with your toe.

But it's all about the Risen.
If indeed He is risen,
He knows something about death and resurrection,
that we need to know.

Fortuneately He's not keeping it to Himself.
"Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of [our] faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God."
What was the joy set before Him?
He had a throne before he came here.
He didn't have you.

Happy Easter.

Posted By Ed B

Had a post in mind and the time to post it.
I had yesterday off because of Good Friday.
I kinda feel guilty at that, because I get the day off, but no church service to attend.
So I had time to write about some stuff I saw recently in the Gospel of John about Jesus and what He said just prior to His arrest. Maybe later today.

Til my computer got hit with the XP Security 2011 virus.

Spent a lot of time getting out of that.

Also jacked up my boat off the trailer to pull the trailer out from under and modify it.
It started raining as I finished.
I'll be lowering the bed of the trailer so that the boat comes off easier at the shallow launch, and I'll be able to roll the boat into my garage without taking the wheels off.

Time to go to breakfast, take Cali to the groomer and the trailer to my friends metalworking shop.
My garage has the equipment to do this. but at a far slower pace than his.
Besides his expertise, I value his friendship and company.

Posted By Ed B

I will rejoice and be glad in it.

It helps when it's 80° outside.

Drove an hour and a half to be with friends last night, who became available after all.
Sat on their deck, in their dining room, and then their living room. Talking. Eating. Talking.
No TV, no radio, no DVD.

Watched the sun set over the water.

Drove home an hour and a half.

Three hours travel for three hours company.

I miss the days when they'd drop in and vice versa, but I'll settle for what I can get.

I may pick up the back yard today.
Last year we got an emergency backup dog to keep Petey company.
Petey the amazing escape dog.
We got a rescue dog, Cali.
We name our dogs by physical atributes: Sable, Motley, Patches, Ebony, Petey looks like the Little Rascals dog and Cali is kinda calico.
Cali does not want to leave our yard except on a leash. Works for me.
Last year Petey got out one too many times. Got in an altercation with a neighbor dog. They were only playing, but the other dog suffered a small cut. The owners panicked and on a Friday morning took their dog to an emergency vet clinic, which ran a ton of tests. In dog terms, a "ton" = $800.
I turned in an insurance claim, and they paid 100%. That's when I found out the insurance company was going to terminate my policy if I kept Petey.
Petey found a new home through the Humane Society.
Cali is bored.
Have you seen the Geico commercial with the woodchucks? You should.
Reminds me of Cali. She took my entire woodpile down over the winter and dragged each log across the yard. She also grabbed some longer logs (4 foot long!) from where I had cut a tree down last year and pulled them in the center of the yard.
And then gnawed them in half!


Former woodpile (notice the shadow on the fence where the wood was).

Former Woodpile


Happy Dog!

Cali the Destroyer of Woodpiles!


Well, off to dinner. Have a great day!



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