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Posted By Ed B

How times have changed.

A few years ago, we believed (as did the rest of the world) that Saddam Hussein was harboring, or building Weapons of Mass Destruction. It was thought that he was attempting to build an atomic bomb.

So, in order to keep the middle east stable, we invaded Iraq.

I don't have a problem with that.

We even had U.N. approval and cooperation (to some extent).

Now, we know that Iran is making bombs. Not a bomb. Bombs. I'm not neglecting to mention North Korea, but they haven't threatened to eradicate any nearby countries.

So why is it so hard to get international cooperation on Iran?

I say we declare Iraq a stable ally.

Give them some nukes and point them toward their natural rival Iran, and let the U.N. sort it out.

Posted By Ed B

 Church Member Finds Missing Fla. Girl


This girl was missing in a swamp since last Friday. Last Friday.

This guy prays that Jesus will lead him to her, and he finds her in two hours.

Two hours!

If he'd been a "psychic" he'd be on all the talk shows.

but he's one of those religious nuts, right?

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We went with friends this afternoon to dinner and a movie. Dinner was at a Logan's Roadhouse. I like the menu and the prices an the service. And the peanuts. But the murals of the toothless senseless hicks and bimbos are something I cannot relate to.

After that we crossed the parking lot to see "Letters to God".

It's a touching movie, and I recommend it. It was uplifting and the acting by the kids was phenomenal. The adults were good, too.

I heartily recommend you watch this:

Jon Voight calls out Barack Obama

Posted By Ed B

"Obama said he will quickly name a successor in the mold of Stevens, who he said was a voice for ordinary people rather than powerful interests."
I heard the president say that on TV, and my first thought was: The "ordinary people" didn't want Obamacare but got it shoved down their throats by "powerful interests (the Democrats)".
Maybe his new choice will reverse that?
And spell check still doesn't like "Obama", which is encouraging.

"Truth in Posting" laws require me to say:

this post originally a comment at Mark's.


Posted By Ed B

Did I say Woot!!! ?

Just got off the phone with my new employer.

I'll be doing exactly the work I do best (and enjoy most):

"Automation Engineer"

at a price that's better than anything I've made in a year.

I start Monday.

God is good.

Thank you to those who were praying for me.




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