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Posted By Ed B

Posted By Ed B

When I dream, it means restless sleep.
I dream of work, or stupid stuff similar to work.
I fall back asleep and dream it again.
It's almost always puzzling, challenging stuff, that upon wakefulness makes no sense whatsoever.
Why can't I dream of flying?
Or beaches?
Or wonderful places I've been (or haven't been).

Or sleeping?

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Like some others, I'm really concerned (fearful) about the Obama relying more on the wisdom (what a choice of words) of the U.N. than the wisdom (what a choice of words)of Congress.

As the Supreme Court relies more on international law than the Constitution, so Obama and others rely more on international consensus than the Constitution.

I'm following news reports and some talk shows on Libya.

There are questions as to why Libya and not some other despot like Mugabe.

Average Joe has said it, but I don't hear anyone else.

It's the oil. stupid.

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I haven't been to the range in a couple years.
I've gone shooting on friends property, but not paid for range time.
A big part is cost justification.
When I was laid off during the big economic meltdown a couple years ago, I got behind financially (imagine that!) and I haven't felt secure since.
When I got hired at my present job, the place was going gangbusters and I was putting in a lot of hours. I did not have a problem with that at all.
In the last couple months, things have been slowing down. I've been putting the wraps on the project I've been primarily working on.
I've gotten a lot of kudos for what I've done with the robot, vision and PLC. It's been a lot of fun.
But I've been seeing people let go, and getting a number of calls from headhunters.
So I haven't known what to do.
The headhunters have been offering positions out of state, or at a lower rate or a step down from what I'm doing now.
I got a call from some guys at my last job, encouraging me to apply for an engineering position there. How nice is that?
Yesterday another engineer got cut loose.
Then I got invited to a staff meeting yesterday afternoon.

It was announced there that the cuts were over.
So today (finally I get to the point) I took Scherie to breakfast and then I surprised her by asking her to go to the range.

She told me she thought I'd never ask.
She did real well.
For those of you who don't shoot, it cost us about $84 for ammo and a lane.
And it was worth it.
My wife once again has the confidence in her ability to shoot.
I like to verify that I'm as good a shot as I believe myself to be.
I did.


Posted By Ed B

Thursday afternoon, my boss and the other engineer were at my cube discussing the day.

A guy who worked in HR stopped by.
I figured it must be work related as he rarely ventures upstairs unless it is.
Nice enough guy.
We stopped talking as I asked him what's up?
He said that he just wanted to get out and about.
I remarked that as the only guy in the HR Dept, he probably wanted to get away from the estrogen poisoning.
I jokingly asked if he knew who was was getting the axe next.
He said for all he knew, it could be him.
 I said he'd have asexual discrimination suit, since he was the only male in the department.
We all talked some more, but after a while I let him know that we had to finish our discussion so I could start the drive home.
That night, as I charged my phone, I saw the e-mail from his manager indicating that he no longer was a part of the company.
Did he know? Did he see it coming?
Did he do something unprofessional after or before visiting with us?
I doubt I'll ever know.



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