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Posted By Ed B

Posted By Ed B

I had a job interview this morning. The interviews were being held in a local church because the staffing agency knew people at the church and could use the facility.

I met a couple of guys from the agency (I think I was the first there) and turned in my application. One of the guys took my social security card to copy and left. The other and I talked about the position. A little bit later, the first guy comes out and asks me where the nearest hospital was. I told him, and he asked how long it would take to get there.

I told him, and asked why. He said he wanted to go. I asked if he was kidding, and he said no. I asked whether he wanted me to drive him or call 911. He said 911.

I called 911 and while I was talking to the dispatcher, the gentleman walked away into the sanctuary. I turned to follow him and he was laying down on some chairs (no pews).

911 asked about his condition and I relayed questions to him. They said they were on their way and would call back if needed. I went back into the sanctuary and his partner walked in behind me. Two guys from the front of the church walked back to us and the four of us laid hands on him and prayed for his health.

I was then asked to go into my interview. My interviewer was a little shook up by the incident (as she said), but it went well enough.

I was thanked for praying for the guy.

Do I get bonus points? I doubt it.

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  1. Have you read "Liberal Fascism" by Jonah Goldberg?
  2. Do you see any resemblance between how HItler and Obama came to power?

I'm not asking you to compare Obama to Hitler, just how they came to power (community organizing, for example).

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Spent most of this morning working on the other blog I do which is a compilation of notes from a Bible study I lead on Wednesday nights. Our pastor has been kind enough to entrust that responsibility to me for years now. http://notesonj

It's afternoon and I just finished chapter one. It's pretty readable and I recommend it to you if you're interested.



ATT one billion. Caterpillar one million. John Deere one and a half!

More to come!


And, oh yeah, treating Netanyahu like he's a cheap punk? I know who the cheap punk is... And these lefties wonder why we're angry?


Let's see, we've got a president raised in a muslim culture (Indonesia) who sucks up (and bows down) to muslim dictators and shows disdain for a Jewish leader who was democratically elected. Hmmmm.

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Pretty busy week until today.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I wired up a centerless grinder for a friend of mine. Involved some design work as somebody had ripped out the original wiring and no print.

Finished up on Wednesday and went to my son's Video Game Store.

He was at a Video Rental store across the street that was closing and selling fixtures. He and his partner needed some electrical help to detach some stuff they bought and I showed up just in time!

Got done in time to get Scherie from work and get to church. Good Bible study.

Thursday, I drove across the state to visit a friend at his house and do some shooting. We used the AK and various pistols. Another friend of ours stopped by to show off his new .45 Springfield XD. Shot at skeets and milk jugs laying on the ground and sitting on rails. Nice reactive targets. Got used to pointing and shooting without using the sights. This was something Steve at Tools of Renewal was interested in doing and bought a BB pistol for. More fun in .357, .38, .45 and 9mm! Went real well.

Thursday night we visited with our friends in Dearborn at their retirement village. They looked good for being in their 90's.

Today, more job search, resume massaging, and got an interview for next week with the company I've been hoping to get into.

Quiet night at home tonight. Dinner and a movie.

Hope you have a good weekend.

Thanks for stopping by.



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