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It was supposed to snow 6-8 inches Thursday night but yesterday there was nothing on the ground. They canceled school and it didn’t snow! Today there’s an inch on the ground and the sun is out.

Last fall the Taurus had cooling system problems.
My brother Tom and I pulled the heads again.
Good for a while, then I drove it to Jackson and back (90 miles) and when I got home fluid was coming out of the reservoir. No overheating, but pressure was definitely building up.
I’ve been guessing for months and finally took it to a local shop that I trust.
He had the car all day. Pressurized the cylinders at TDC and found no leaks. Hydrocarbon sniffed the fluid, no fuel or exhaust. Then he took off the clamp I had put on the heater bypass over a year ago to force more heat through the heater, and the pressure went away. I had since pressure flushed the heater core at the car wash, but neglected to take the clamp off.
Charged me $40.
Now I’ve got to drive it to work and back (100 miles) to see if it’s fixed.
After that, I tear the heads off my truck as one cylinder is down to 50 pounds, even though you wouldn’t know it driving it, except for the rough idle (which I thought was vacuum).

Who you for among the Republicans?

Michigan primary is this Tuesday.
Santorum for us, but “Anybody but Obama” in November.
I can’t watch the TV and see his face without hoping he’ll be gone in November (if not tomorrow).
Actually, the reaction is more visceral than that.
Pray for me.
I don't want to burst a blood vessel in my brain.

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Our troops have been trained to make secret gestures that indicate coercion on the part of their captors.

This is an example:

Coercion Yes

This is not:

Coercion not

These general officers are the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

They, and the Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta, are very aware of the damage being done to our country's military and defense capabilities by the Traitor-in-Chief behind the podium.

That they haven't resigned in protest is a shame.



I just realized that 40 years ago yesterday, I enlisted in the most powerful Air Force on this planet.
I went places and met people I haven't forgotten to this day.

Under martial law, when I was only twenty years old, I was placed in charge of a township, during which I had an opportunity to save lives, by which a friend and I  were proclaimed "Town Heroes" by a mayor in South Carolina.

I hitched a ride on the president's helicopter, Marine One.
I did work that required me to wear civilian clothes for so long that I forgot to cut my hair before reporting to a squadron commander.

I drank beer with a former U-Boat captain.
I learned management techniques that I still find useful to this day.

I grew up.


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I have an idea that I hope I can get rich with, but I can't figure out how to code it.
It's an anti-social network.
Lotta firewalls.
Unlike buttons.
Lists of people to get lost.

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The president made an announcement today saying that religious organizations will not have to provide contraceptives in their insurance plan, but the insurance companies will still have to provide it.
When I employ someone, and pay for their insurance, my funds will pay that insurance company for coverage. If that coverage includes ANYTHING (including birth control, kervorkian treatment, sex-changes or aspirin), I am paying for it. There is no escaping that.
Either the president is too stupid to understand that, or he thinks we are too stupid to understand that.
Which do you prefer?

When will the discussion no longer be whether that Catholics have to provide this level of insurance provision, but that:
Everyone asked why Obama would do something this stupid.
All Obama had to do was enrage, then mollify the Catholics and then the real argument goes away.
That’s the Machiavellian trick he’s pulling.

Then there's Rita's brilliant take on it.
Warning: Bacon is involved. May increase your risk of wanting a bacon sandwich.


Edit: A bit of audio on the subject.




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