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Posted By Ed B

Something I read tonight over at Rita's reminded me of something I wanted to post a couple weeks ago. It often happens that I think of something I want to post and then the ADD kicks in and it's gone.

Years ago, when I was a new apprentice, I met another apprentice named Wayne.
Wayne was bright and sharp and a pleasure to talk to.
I looked forward to talking to him in the crib or around the shop.
One day we got into a discussion about abortion rights. He told me that even though he was personally opposed to abortion, he didn't think it right to impose his morality on someone else. I gave him my opinion on the subject. 
If he personally thinks it wrong, then why?
Is it because it's killing a human life?
Then why not oppose it?
You know the drill.
Well, one day as I was entering the parts crib, I saw Wayne look at me and exit.
That happened a couple times more.
Finally, I cornered him in the locker room and asked what's up with that?
He replied that while he liked talking to me, the discussion of abortion was causing him consternation.
He said that when the discussion would come up, he could think of no way to refute what I said, but that he wouldn't change his mind on the subject.
He said that the easiest way for him to deal with the internal conflict was to just avoid talking to me.
That was an eye opener for me.
I realized that day, that reasoning with someone was not the way to change someones position, be it politics or religion.
People will believe what they want to believe, no matter what their brain tells them.
I think that this is related to "counting the cost" as Jesus encourages us to do.
Perhaps Wayne knew that to change his position on abortion would cost him his marriage or another set of friends he had.
It may not have even been a conscious decision for him.
Maybe the way to get people to change is to get them to want to believe something else.

If you want to believe that God would send HIs son to die for our sins and save us from destruction... if that thought appeals to you... if you'd like to think that God thought that much of you... maybe someday you'll make the leap.

If you don't, I'll still be your friend.

Posted By Ed B

I was watching the Bourne Identity for a bit.
I was curious about a certain weapon that I saw used in the movie.

I googled something like "Rifle used in Bourne Identity".

IMDB, the internet movie database, which has almost everything you want to know about any movie (or actor, director, etc.) also maintains a database  on weapons used in movies, the characters in the movie that use them, with links to more information about the weapons themselves (with critiques of the portrayals realism.

Just thought you might want to know.

In other news, the president has reserved to himself the right to decide which laws should be enforced and which not.
This is most recently spotlighted by his stance on defending DOMA, but it is no surprise to anyone aware of his treatment of immigration law and border defence.


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I have a few browsers loaded on my laptop, in a search for a faster browser.

My laptop is older and has been slowing down.

I have Firefox, but have come to use PaleMoon, a version of Firefox optimized for Windows, not Linux.

I have SlimBrowser which is based on IE, and I have Chrome.

It seems that Chrome loads quickest, but my blog editor does not work correctly in Chrome.

I've found that my real speed issues were related to AVG anti-virus.

So  uninstalled it. I don't do e-mail on this laptop and I visit the same sites all the time.

Until today.

I don't know how Chrome would have reacted. I don't know if it was Windows, or PaleMoon or both, but I got a ton of warning pop-ups from both, and frankly, I thought that the Windows pop-ups were part of the virus attack, asking me to do this or that.

So I shut it down, downloaded a bootable AVG virus disk on the desktop and ran it on the laptop.

A couple hours later, there it was.

So I was delayed a bit this morning.

I'm also wiping a hard drive for a friend who is donating her computer.

While waiting for all this, I decided to complete an experiment I started a year ago.

I last cleaned my pocket gun a year ago. I put off cleaning it to see what the effects would be, not entirely because I'm lazy.

I was gambling/convinced that the non-corrosive ammo would not harm the pistols parts if left unclean.

I have a Kahr CW9 that I pocket carry (in a pocket holster).
It is not easy to disassemble. By that, I mean that Arnold Schwarznegger is not going to grab it out of your hand and take the slide off one handed.

The slide has to come back to a certain point and the slide catch (which doubles as a pin) has to be pushed out to release the slide, and it doesn't push easy.

I took the firing pin assembly apart a year ago and a tiny spring went flying across the garage. And I found it! This time I wanted to see if I could find an exploded view on line.
In the process of Googling, I found a video of a guy showing how to do it, so I watched.
Just as he got to the part where I knew the spring was in jeopardy, I heard him warn about it. I then heard the spring go flying, with no comment from the tutor.

I cleaned my pistol thoroughly. No damage at all.

Lots of pocket lint! That's something I hadn't thought of.

Now to help Scherie with her revolver. Lot simpler.

I hope you've found this post to be both informative and entertaining, and that the remainder of your weekend is a blessing to you and those around you.


Posted By Ed B

Well, It's Saturday morning.

I woke up at five and couldn't fall back asleep.

Just lay there thinking.

About things.

Scherie did not get the open position at her former place of employment.
It's wrong. It could be age or medical discrimination.

Things are slowing down at work. lines speeds cut. People laid off.

How many times have I seen this, and the final result? Too many.

So I got up and started a long overdue letter to one of my sons who is not in a position to get Facebook or e-mail. If you get my drift.

While I was writing that and Scherie slept, I had the TV on.

The movie 2012 was on. I've been curious about it.

What an uplifting movie. Not.

Well, off to breakfast and the Red Cross. They want my blood.

Church Valentine Dinner tonight.

Have a great day. Thanks for stopping by. You've cheered me up.

Posted By Ed B

Nineteen years ago today:
I said "I do".
She said "I do".

We still do.




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