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Posted By Ed B

I went over to a friend's house noon Saturday to reroute some gas lines to her water heater.

While I was finishing up, my cell rang. Scherie had gone to work and while she was there she had a seizure. Her coworkers called an ambulance, which they've done in the past.

Scherie typically comes out of the seizure (in her case she just zones out) and they send the ambulance away. While we were talking, I was told she was coming to. Before I could get there, I got another call. The ambulance took her to the hospital.

When I got to the hospital, they said they didn't have her. I talked to some EMTs there and they called their dispatcher, who told them that he didn't show a call for her!

I called her coworker who verified she'd gone. After a while I got ahold of the ambulance ops supervisor. He told me she'd been delivered just before I got there. I went back to the receptionist and firmly stated that they had my wife. This time she agreed and sent me back to her.

45 minutes of wondering where she was!

They had tranqued her in the ambulance, and from experience, I knew she was out for the night. After a few hours they got a bed for her and I went home to clean and change. I went back for a few hours, but I couldn't sleep in the chair they provided and went home.

This morning, I went back. When she woke up, she was upset. She had come out of the seizure at work and the EMT was checking her for a stroke. WTH? (what the heck?). Because she didn't grip him as tight as he thought she should, and because her arthritis wouldn't allow her to raise her arms the way he wanted, he insisted that she go with them. She said no. They threatened to call the cops to make her go. WTH? That's the last she remembers.

At his point, we don't know if they tranqued her then, or if the stress seized her out again and they tranqued her. We do know that today, when I went to get her clothes out of the bag that ER had put them in, they had cut off her very loose sweater, her shirt and her bra. Sixty dollars of damages to clothing that I know, having been through this a few times, was totally unnecessary to cut off. The doctor and nurses we talked to agreed that they had no right to force her to go, and no need to cut off her clothes.

It's Sunday afternoon now. We're home now, thank you Lord, and thanks to our friends who were praying for Scherie. She's woozy and tired but OK.

Posted By Ed B

Listening to Midnight Truckers Radio Network last week (and I think the last opportunity I'll have to listen to it, thank God), a caller summed up Obamacare:

I want to got to the doctor, and I want someone else to pay for it.


Posted By Ed B

One of the reasons I write here is to vent. Another is to entertain. Yet
another is to share some insight I believe I may have been given (which
implies that Someone gave it).

I am of the pentecostal persuasion of committed Christianity.

What that means to me is that God is still active in peoples lives on a personal level. He provides, He directs, He hears and He speaks to and through humans.

This is the prophetic.

He also gifts people with special abilities: the ability to teach well, to lead and guide people, manage and administrate, and to counsel.

Joseph, in the Book of Genesis, was an early example of this.
He had a vision of being in a leadership position in the family (he's the

His older brothers decide to teach him a lesson. They attempt to kill him, but relent, sell him to some passing slavers and report him dead to their father.

Following Godly principles, he rose to managing a rich man's household from being his slave.

The boss's wife found him attractive and he rejected her advances. She accused him. He got thrown in prison, and ended up running the place.

He came to Pharoah's attention (through supernatural means) and eventually he was administrating the Egyptian kingdom.

We see Godly Business Management Techniques best exemplified in the Book of Daniel, one of the most successful business administrators ever.

The man is taken away to "business school" as a captive. He's supposed to eat what's considered the best food in the land but he argues to be given what his God requires instead, challenging his superiors to monitor the results.

They approve and concur.

Most of the other students are "going with the program".

communicates with his God frequently (prayer) and is led and guided by his God.

This later gets him in some hot water (a lion's den) but it's all resolved to his advantage (he isn't eaten, his rivals are).

Church and State issues, I guess.

Eventually, Daniel is given administrative control of the Empire.

Different political challenges arise, but he deals with them well, demonstrating that the godly mangement techniques are superior.
The owner's son  inherits the business and is not the same man as his father. Party, party, party.

Then the ultimate hostile takeover occurs. A rival "corporation" raids the enterprise (not in the Wall Street sense), removes the current owners (heads) and asks Daniel to continue managing the enterprise for them.
That's impressive.

There's something to learn there.

If you read it.

Posted By Ed B

As usual, we got into Sunday School late this morning.

The topic appears to be about animals in God's scheme of things.

If God can make a donkey speak (think democrats), does that entail that they have souls?

I propose that dogs can have a conscience, because mine acts guilty long before I see the evidence. Yet until God comes down in the form of a dog and dies in a pound for the sins of my dog, my dog may not make it into heaven.

As of right now, I'm ready to send him ahead to find out.

My dog is an escape dog.

I have a large fenced yard that is surrounded by "invisible fence" wire. Typically, he won't go near the fence because his collar zaps him, even when the kind neighbor lady offers him scraps. He has his own entry to the heated mud room where his food, water and bed are.

I take him for walks.

Every now and then I get a call from the neighboring tanning salon that they have Petey.

One day, while at work, I got a call from a neighbor that she had Petey. While talking to her, I get a second call from another neighbor saying she has Petey. Sure enough the first lady has lost him. Then I get a third call from a DPW worker saying he has my dog.

I need to check the batteries on the collar more frequently.

Yesterday, I took the collar off to check the batteries to see how he got out. That's when I found the poop smeared under her collar between the electrodes, shorting the zap out.

No poop anywhere else, just packed between the electrodes. That's a smart dog.

Should have named him Papillon.

The dog is not intimidated by a pistol pointed at it's head. You didn't hear me say that.

Today, we drove halfway across the state to meet some close friends for dinner.

Their anniversary fell on Valentine's Day this year.

Almost there, I get a call. The caller has our dog. I advise they let him go since I'm in no position to retrieve him. An hour later, another call. And as we're finishing dinner, another call. From the Humane Society.

$35 to get our dog back today. Another $25 tomorrow.

So we rush back to find out the Township has started a licensing program and our dog is not. $9 for the license if the dog is sterile, $125 if not. WHAT????

My tax dollars hard at work again.

So they'll sterilize the dog for $75 and sell us the license for $9.

Now if I shoot the dog, I'll have wasted all that money.

All the while, the Humane Society worker is offerring to take the dog off our hands.

I'm looking at a price sheet on the wall, and they charge $250 as an adoption fee for a dog. $100 for a cat! I must not take the chance of insulting one of my few readers by suggesting that it is a sign of incipient idiocy to BUY a cat. It seems to me, though that as a dog nears it's expiration date, the price should reflect that.

I'm thinking that if I surrender the dog as he wants, he'll sit in the pound til they kill him or they'll make $250 off him.

I had the same moral dilemma once before when my kids ran away from home.

My wife insisted that there was no weighing the pros and cons of my getting them.






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