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  1. You couldn't possibly know all that it does. You congressman certainly doesn't.
    Would you enter into a contract you don't understand?
  2. It's a rush job. That means it's shoddy or it's shady. Or both.
  3. Some senators got bought off with tax dollars. Their states will get better deals than yours.
  4. If you have good insurance right now: kiss it goodbye. 
    Your employer will be charged a 40% tax on your premiums if you are not unionized. Either you go or your insurance goes. 
    Why should unionized employees be treated differently under law than non-unionized?
  5. You will be forced to buy health insurance if it is not provided to you.
  6. If somes states, or some employees, get different deals under Federal Law, what's the point of a federal government?
  7. What right does the government have to get involved in this at all?
    Europe might do it, Canada might do it, but they are not under the US Constitution.


Posted By Ed B

What the "other" Jeremiah Wright who's been visiting the White House looks like.

The defeat of "Health Care".

A conservative rout of the legislature.

The salvation of my loved ones.

The birth certificate, not that it matters.


On the birth certificate:

It is important to be assured that Constitutional provisions for presidential elections are followed.


I, like many of you, grew up in America.

I had a love of our country instilled in me.

When I was taught "Civics", it was American "Civics", not sharia law or Indonesian civics.

I watched TV, and saw inspiring stories of American Heroes, and Founding Fathers.

The kids I played with, and grew up with, had that in common with me.

Our president grew up in a foreign land, taught in foreign (not embassy) schools, playing with foreign kids, only vaguely aware of America.

He "returned" to America, only to hang out with his mom and grandparents' certifiably communist friends, learning how bad America was.

He moved to Chicago and hung out with more of the same.

That's not what the Founding Father's had in mind.

Posted By Ed B

The Constitution specifies the purpose of the Census:

Representatives and direct taxes shall be apportioned among the several states which may be included within this union, according to their respective numbers, which shall be determined by adding to the whole number of free persons, including those bound to service for a term of years, and excluding Indians not taxed, three fifths of all other Persons. The actual Enumeration shall be made within three years after the first meeting of the Congress of the United States, and within every subsequent term of ten years, in such manner as they shall by law direct.

That's it.


Not 'How many bathrooms do you have?"

If they can find a right to privacy that allows the slaughter of innocent children in the womb, you'd think we might be able to avoid answering intrusive questions from the government without fear of prosecution.

Posted By Ed B

Pastor Gregg asked that this morning:

"It's 2010. Where's My Flying Car?"
I told him it's in South America.


In WWII (that's when we fought the Russians in Vietnam for you Public School grads), there was an aircraft mechanic in the Air Force named Nate Saint.
Nate ended up as a missionary pilot in Ecuador in the 50's.
He met some other missionaries down there, and together they plotted an outreach to a tribe of killers so fierce that they drove out plantation owners and oil exploration companies. Nate was flying out of an abandoned Shell Oil airfield.
They eventually spotted the tribe from the air, but couldn't land close to them.
Nate invented a way to fly above the tribesmen in a tight circle while a basket with gifts was lowered. This resulted in the basket slowly twirling in a stationary position. (It's been said that this technique led to the development of the "Spectre" and "Spooky" gunships.) The tribesmen reached in, took the gifts and left some of their own.
Eventually, Nate flew the guys and they landed on a beach next to a river. They waited for the Indians to show. When they did, they exchanged gifts and interacted for a couple days.

Due to some lies and manipulation by a jealous tribesman, the tribe attacked the missionaries and killed them.

The missionaries were armed. They refused to kill the men they were reaching out to. When the indians discovered this, they were curious. You can read about this in, "Through Gates of Splendor" by Elizabeth Elliot. Elliot, widow of one of the missionaries, with Rachel Saint, Nate's sister, made it a point to reach out to the Auca tribe, eventually leading to their conversion.
Steve Saint, Nate's son, lived with the members of the tribe and was adopted by his fathers killer.
I had the blessing of going to a concert a few years ago to see Steven Curtis Chapman. In the middle of the the concert, Chapman brought out Steve Saint, who then introduced (and translated for) his adoptive Auca father Mincaye.  Wikipedia: Steve_Saint
The Love of God, exemplified.

A couple months ago, I was in an office and read a copy of Popular Mechanics. This issue had an article about the top ten inventors of 2009. Read here about your flying car:

Being flown by Stone Age Indians.
Invented by a real Saint of God.
I bet his dad's proud.

Posted By Ed B

The guy who got elected president, stands behind a podium with the sign "President-Elect of the United States". Unprecedented.
The same guy appoints a bunch of left wing socialists and communists to key positions in the government.

The economy goes further into a tailspin.
GM and Chrysler declare bankruptcy.
The government takes them over.
And some banks, too.
Sort of like Venezuela.

The people of Honduras get fed up with their socialist president's shenanigans and oust him.
Our president tries to pressure them to take him back.
Sort of like Venezuela.

Air Force One flies incredibly low over NYC (accompanied by fighters) on a photo-shoot, scaring the daylights out of the inhabitants. "Sorry."

The Obama logo replaces the presidential seal.

A prominent baby-killing abortionist is murdered by a lone wolf anti-abortionist with no ties to a larger conspiracy.
The murderer is declared a terrorist by the media.
A jihadist terrorist in contact with al-quaida kills American soldiers on an American street.
The man is refered to as a murderer by the media, if mentioned at all.

A veteran pilot "miraculously" lands his plane safely on the Hudson river, saving all passengers aboard and the press doesn't find that he beats his wife, kicks his dog, smokes crack, etc. That's the miracle.

Iranian citizens rise up in protest against their nutjob government.
American citizens do, also.
Obama takes no notice of either event.

Obama bows to the Islamic Saudi King who directed the Arab Oil Embargo in the 70's.
Obama ignores the National Day of Prayer.
Obama celebrates Ramadan in the White House, obviously familiar with the tradition (unlike most Americans who don't listen to NPR).

A Muslim Terrorist masquerading as an Army Officer kills 14 people (shooting more) on an Army Base.
Obama gives a "shout-out" to a liberal amerind activist before remembering to mention the shooting, rejecting the "Muslim Terrorist" aspect.
It turns out that this guy should have been on a "no-let-on-an-Army-Post" list, much less a "no-fly" list.
The terrorist, I mean.

Obama bows to the Emperor of the nation that attacked Pearl Harbor and conquered China.
Obama wins the Nobel Peace Prize.
Even he admits he hasn't earned it.

A "Stargate" or "Wormhole" or some such thing is observed over Oslo the night before the Nobel is awarded (
read more here ).

The Chinese premier stands up Obama in Copenhagen.

The American Congress votes to enact socialist healthcare legislation into law despite an overwhelming opposition by the American People.

A jihadist terrorist in contact with al-quaida attempts to blow up an airliner on Christmas day.
Obama, when finally speaking about it, says that the jihadist terrorist in contact with al-quaida was acting alone.
His Homeland Security Chief says "the system worked".

The White House Christmas tree has a Mao ornament on it.

Welcome to Bizzaro World. Can we use that 'wormhole" to get back?




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