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Thanks Mr. President3.99 Today.

His Secretary of Energy said that gas should hit $5.

Almost there!


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Back in the 40s, there was a great movie made called Miracle on 34th Street.
In it, one of the central characters, the Macy's Santa Claus, is fired for thinking he is St. Nick.

He is later exhonorated by the U.S. Post Office.

Fast forward to today.

A Macy's employee has been fired for restraining a cross dressing male from using the women's dressing room..
Even if he had surgery to look like a woman with his clothes off, he is a male.
XY chromosomes, never had ovaries, his parent's thought they had a daughter, that sort of thing.

I would think that most women in this country would consider it a good idea to keep men out of the women's dressing room.
A random sampling of the woman in my house found agreement with that.

Public opinion figured large in the movie.
I'm waiting to see how this plays out.

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Veteran's Day was a couple days ago, but I've been busy.

I always enjoy the thanks I get from people for serving.
I'll let you in on a secret.
I was out of work, under experienced, there was a recession.
I dropped out of college because I didn't know I could borrow my way through and not have to pay it back later, so I lost my deferment.
My draft lottery number was 39 and I didn't want to slog through a jungle.
I enlisted in the Air Force.
Nixon ended the draft at 36, IIRC.
My Marine friend says I wasn't in the military, I was in the Air Force.

At one point, at Camp Lejeune (TDY), I was leaving the NCO club with a friend and he let on that he was prior Army.
I said I didn't think I could have handled Army Basic, and he said he had a hard time with USAF Basic.
I was shocked. He said the bookwork nearly killed him.

Having said that, I ended up in some dangerous situations.
I ended up a sergeant, a team leader/supervisor.
I took people into foreign countries, arranged their housing, meals, transportation and mission.
I once drove a "deuce and a half " through a snowstorm in South Carolina, without sleep for two days to deliver food and heating fuel, and to rescue stranded citizens.

This is the real secret, though.

After the responsibilities put on a young man of 18 to 22 years of age, that young man may never again have that level of responsibility placed on his shoulders again.
And he might miss it.


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When I blog, I like to craft a pithy, concise tableau of words

I want to provide a springboard for a discussion of some of the issues of the day.
Or point out an interesting mental connection I haven't heard somewhere else (or that I stole).
If you wanted to hear more of my personal life, you'd look me up on Facebook.
Not that I post much there either, as I just don't have that much drama going on in my life these days.

There are two major dramatic themes in my life these days, my employment and my wife's health.

On employment, I've always, and I mean always, relied on my God given talent that I would find employment when necessary, and until the meltdown, that was true.
And during the meltdown, I felt safe until I saw the decent management move on, leaving me exposed to the machinations of a couple of managers who were having an affair.
One of them was my boss, the other was the QC mgr.
They were both married (and not to each other).
I went into the plant after hours one night and caught them alone together.
I couldn't care less (except for a general concern for their moral well-being and that of their spouses), but my boss was an ineffective joke, and a large part of that was his poor attention to his job and his excessive attention to her.
Many found it comical (especially when his wife came in looking for "that whore").
I complained to the plant manager frequently that I wasn't getting support from the maintenance department because our boss wouldn't schedule them to support me, which would result in my being alone in the plant at night, programming robots and machines, drilling and mounting fixtures, all for a product launch the next day.
Why would I do that?
Because if I didn't, it wouldn't get done.
If it didn't get done, we'd lose the work.
And I'd lose an employer.
So I'd complain to the plant manager and it would get better, for a couple days.
And I had people at corporate tell me I was indispensable.

Then it came time for a short layoff of a couple weeks because I got caught up on my work load and everyone else had been seeing rotating layoffs.
I was looking forward to the two weeks off after months of 70 hour weeks.

While I was laid off, however, the plant manager and the human resources manager both left the company, and the QC manager was made interim plant manager.
And I was notified that I would see my layoff extended.
After four months and my being hired on elsewhere, I was given a severance package.
I said all this to say that since then, I've yet to feel comfortable about my employment.
Until now.
Yesterday, the plant manager and the engineering manager where I currently work both expressed their appreciation of what I've done and am doing for the company.

As for my wife, we've been praying that she would get in to the U of M Neurology Clinic for testing prior to her appointment next year.
Besides wanting quicker relief, this would also help us financially with insurance costs.
We got a call last week, she was seen a couple days ago and just before Thanksgiving she will move in to a room there for up to a week, while wired to some diagnostic equipment that will pinpoint the precise location of the source of her seizures when she has one for them.
They will then have a better idea of how to proceed with treatment.

As for political commentary.
I am overwhelmed by the stupidity of the American Voter and fear greatly for this country.
Everyone agrees they have the right to vote.

Few agree they have the responsibility to research the issues, other than listening to  the proclamations of the president as he offers them the free lunch.

And if you're not listening to Bill Whittle on Afterburner, you're missing one of the sharpest essayists this country has ever produced.

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I thougth of Average Joe today.

Yesterday, I called a salesman who represents a product I've used before.
This is a different sales area from where I've purchased before so I had to rely on a salesman I've no experience with.
It's been less than satisfactory dealing with him.
On the way home, I remembered a different salesman I had used before for similar vacuum related products but not the actual pump I wanted.
I called him and he said he was going to be calling on GM today just a couple miles from our plant. He said they now offered an alternative to the pump I was considering.
He's an excellent salesrep and I've always enjoyed working with him in developing a process.
He came by this afternoon and I showed him what I'd been up to. He thought it was cool.
I got a call from the maintenance manager who asked If I would assist his guys in getting a laser going again.
We went over to the laser, and while I was assisting, the salesman's phone beeped. He looked at me and said it's an e-mail from his boss, joking that they had probably discontinued his vacuum product.
As he read I saw the look of disbelief on his face: they had discontinued his vacuum product.
He apologized, we said goodbye and he left.

I remember years ago, after high school, I had taken a job as a route salesman for Stella Doro. After all the training and introductions to buyers, the manager told me I wouldn't be needed. He had just figured out I was only 18.
I then got a franchise from a friend of mine who had been one of my teachers in high school.
He had started a construction company after I graduated, and I had worked for him.
He then opened a  "boutique"/head shop in town.
A guy had come in to sell him "bootleg" eight track tapes to sell in his store.
He ended up buying the franchise for southeastern Michigan and northwestern Ohio.
He told me I could have Ohio.
I went about establishing a route and did well. At eighteen, I was self-employed.
I remember going into a drug store one day and having the owner/pharmacist show me some tapes someone had left with him to consider selling.
They had foil labels!
I had to knock my price down accordingly.
I then realized that sales was not for me, if I could not control the product I was selling.

My friend called me back later today to tell me that his company had informed him that though they had severed relations with their former supplier, they had a new and better source to offer and that I'd laugh my butt off when he was released to tell me their name.
There may be a reason I wasn't hearing from the other guy so much...



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