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This is stupid


You can find the details here.


You can set yourself up for ignomy here.

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If you were here in more than textuality, I would offer you an IBC Cream Soda to celebrate my good fortune!

I've had issues with my truck for a couple months now.
First the brakes.
I had guessed accurately that my problem lay in the MASTER CYLINDER! This was the nefarious arch-villain and nemesis of Tom Terrific.
Since my wife isn't driving right now, she insists I take her car to work.
Well, now that it getting less boating out, I'm getting ready to replace the section of quarter panel that got mildly damaged last winter, so I need the truck.
After I got the brakes good, a loud squeal began from the fan belt a couple three, weeks ago,
The recently new belt had shredded itself.
I put another belt on it and a tensioner after that. A wierd sound continued and I guessed that it was the idler which I had replaced a couple years ago. and which should not have gone bad.
Yet when I took it off and pulled the seal off the side of the bearing, there was: NO GREASE!
The noise I heard was a mix of squealing and bearing rumble.
The new idler got rid of most of the noise and I wondered where the rest was coming from.
I then returned to the hood with a spray botle of WD-40 and sprayed the belt.
Squeal gone!!!

Joy! Joy!

I record mp3s of talk radio daily on my home computer. There are times I wish I could access these at work. I have remoted into my computer from work and e-mailed myself some of the files, but it's clunky.

Today I remembered a free (I love free) application/service called Dropbox that my pastor had told me about (thanks Gregg!).
Sure enough, I can set up my recording software to save to the dropbox folder and access the mp3s from any where on the planet. They even go to my Blackberry, on which I can listen to them!

Joy! Joy!



I have discovered that Rainex (a wiper fluid I cannot over-reccomend) can build up residue, making you think you have to buy another premature set of wiper blades.
Yet Isopropyl alcohol will remove this buildup an your blades will wipe as new!

Joy! Joy!

And so, as the sun sinks slowly into the sunset, I bid you a fair adieu, smooth sailing and pleasant dreams.

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And not much of one.
But I saw another Geico commercial that made me laugh.
The one where they hire robots instead of humans for daycare.


GEICO has it's own Youtube channel.

With all that creative genius, when will they start their own cable channel?

It'd have to be funnier than Comedy Central.

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I've had this old safe for a couple years now, and haven't figured out how to get into it discreetly.

That leaves this:




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This used to be the greeting of Christians 2000 years ago.
The word for it was Maranatha.
It was probably code for "I'm a Christian."

Like drawing a fish in the sand with your toe.

But it's all about the Risen.
If indeed He is risen,
He knows something about death and resurrection,
that we need to know.

Fortuneately He's not keeping it to Himself.
"Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of [our] faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God."
What was the joy set before Him?
He had a throne before he came here.
He didn't have you.

Happy Easter.



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