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This payroll tax break deal has been a real rollercoaster.

I honestly didn't care much until they added the pipeline in a way that would force Obama's hand.
Frankly, nothing I did, wrote, thought, (or even prayed, I think) would influence Congress on the matter.
But to see Obama and the Dems boxed into a corner with the inclusion of the pipeline in the bill brightened my day.
Then, it turns out it's a two month extension of the tax cut.
Two months!?!? What idiot writes two month tax policy? And then it only tells Obama he must make a decision in two months, instead of insisting it go ahead (with his signature on the law).
That's the Senate version that idiot Mitch McConnell agreed to.

Now Boehner says "Wait a minute!" and he's made to look the bad guy, because the deadline is past?

People are talking about a lack of bi-partisanship.

Like one house of the same party talking to the other house of the same party?

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I thougth of Average Joe today.

Yesterday, I called a salesman who represents a product I've used before.
This is a different sales area from where I've purchased before so I had to rely on a salesman I've no experience with.
It's been less than satisfactory dealing with him.
On the way home, I remembered a different salesman I had used before for similar vacuum related products but not the actual pump I wanted.
I called him and he said he was going to be calling on GM today just a couple miles from our plant. He said they now offered an alternative to the pump I was considering.
He's an excellent salesrep and I've always enjoyed working with him in developing a process.
He came by this afternoon and I showed him what I'd been up to. He thought it was cool.
I got a call from the maintenance manager who asked If I would assist his guys in getting a laser going again.
We went over to the laser, and while I was assisting, the salesman's phone beeped. He looked at me and said it's an e-mail from his boss, joking that they had probably discontinued his vacuum product.
As he read I saw the look of disbelief on his face: they had discontinued his vacuum product.
He apologized, we said goodbye and he left.

I remember years ago, after high school, I had taken a job as a route salesman for Stella Doro. After all the training and introductions to buyers, the manager told me I wouldn't be needed. He had just figured out I was only 18.
I then got a franchise from a friend of mine who had been one of my teachers in high school.
He had started a construction company after I graduated, and I had worked for him.
He then opened a  "boutique"/head shop in town.
A guy had come in to sell him "bootleg" eight track tapes to sell in his store.
He ended up buying the franchise for southeastern Michigan and northwestern Ohio.
He told me I could have Ohio.
I went about establishing a route and did well. At eighteen, I was self-employed.
I remember going into a drug store one day and having the owner/pharmacist show me some tapes someone had left with him to consider selling.
They had foil labels!
I had to knock my price down accordingly.
I then realized that sales was not for me, if I could not control the product I was selling.

My friend called me back later today to tell me that his company had informed him that though they had severed relations with their former supplier, they had a new and better source to offer and that I'd laugh my butt off when he was released to tell me their name.
There may be a reason I wasn't hearing from the other guy so much...

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This is from "A New Leaf" with Walter Matthau and Elaine May.

You can't get it on DVD which is a crime.
Economics 101.

UPDATE: Read what an average joe had to say.


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Just a thought.
It is said that the debt ceiling (more like an expandable membrane) is a barrier to our economic well-being, or rather the continuation of our malaise,
We must raise it or default on our obligations.

This will lead to a bad credit rating which will:
Threaten our economy.

This is bad.

My question is: Which is worse for our credit rating?
Running up more debt, or not incurring more debt.
If we can make payments to our creditors and cut back on expenditures, will this make Moody's happy?

Here's the thought.

Ask Moody's.
Don't ask Obama or Geitner (they are inveterate liars anyway).
Don't ask Hannity, Coulter, Bachmann, Boehner, etc., for their opinion.

Ask Moody's.

If the thing is that we need to assuage the credit markets, surely the credit markets will tell us what they want to be assuaged.

Just a thought.

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EPA Rules Force Shell to Abandon Oil Drilling Plans

You now know who the enemy is.
You know who aids and abets the enemy.

If you don't know these by now,
If you wonder why you're paying so much for oil/gas,
Wonder no more.
It is the liberal, elitist, know better than you, Democratic Party.
If we had an agency that cut back agriculture (and it is) because of environmental controls, and food prices rose, and people went without, would there be an outcry?
Against who?
Agriculture or the EPA?

Depends on who's leading the outcry.

If we had an agency that cut back energy production (and it is) because of environmental controls, and energy prices rose, and people went without, would there be an outcry?
Against who?
Big Oil or the EPA?

Depends on who's leading the outcry.

Why don't you lead?

Cry TREASON!!!!!



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