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Occam, why do you think Obama is an agent and not a principal? I know he paved the way for Soros to make money off of Brazilian offshore oil but that only indicates bribery, not subservience.

Occam's Beard Says:

Bob, because I think he has neither the intelligence nor the force of character to get as far as he has on his own. His effortless ascent (skates into and through Columbia and Harvard Law, gets offered a lucrative book contract, screws it up, then gets another, when he churns out a stylish book, as a twenty-something is offered a high profile position handing out $100 MM, goes to the state legislature where he is allowed to duck contentious issues and to share credit for bills others wrote, has his political rivals mysteriously cheap-shotted, drifts into the Senate, backs into the Presidency …) bespeaks
some heavy duty downfield blocking for him. No one legitimately has a life like that. No one. His life story is as improbable as that of Harry Flashman in a Flashman novel, or Dustin Hoffman’s character in Little Big Man (or, for that matter, and perhaps more appropriately, Forrest Gump).

And yet, despite all of his success, and all of his accolades, in terms of native ability he clearly is pretty much a cipher, a born manager of a Target branch that will soon be struggling under his feeble management.

Conclusion: he’s a spokesmodel, and a none-too-bright one, either, for one or more principals. Look at how badly he handles himself off the teleprompter, and at how poor a politician he is (even Dems are muttering this now, apparently). No way he got where he is on his own. He’s basically politics’ answer to Milli Vanilli or The Monkees – a triumph of the marketer’s art. Others, with considerably more intelligence and steelier character, have cast him in this role, I suspect.


On July 4th I had written this.

Like I said there, it's not a thought original to me.

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I was thinking about the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protesters this morning.
I had heard Bill Whittle on the Midnight Trucker Radio Network (fifth hour, Monday) and after listening to his description of them as pampered and "entitled" I began to think of them as the Eloi, from H.G.Wells "The Time Machine".
Funny, since Wells was a notorious Progressive.

The Eloi were fed and pampered and hadn't a clue as to who were providing for them (or more insidious, why).

That about sums up this crowd with their I-Pods, I-Pads, and no clue as to how they came to have them.

Then I was reminded of an observation I made years ago about upcoming generations.
As parents become affluent and give there kids a wealth of material goods, those kids get addicted to those goods.
When those kids left the house and couldn't provide those goods for themselves, in order to maintain their addiction, they turned to petty crime.

Breaking and entering, stealing 8-tracks and CBs from vehicles, dealing weed.
It's worse today.
Now they're protesting that they want you and I to support them, since their parents won't or can't.

Pay off their loans, give them an income stream.


Or they might get violent.

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Pascal wrote Saturday showcasing a transcript of Mark Levins' show concerning Professor Elizabeth Warren nutty approach to economics and personal freedom.

Mark Levin points out that not only does the left want to determine how much you pay in taxes, but since "time is money" and you're only given so much time on this planet (and you're reading this?) they are effectively looking to take more of your life (your life being your time on Earth).

Remember "The Matrix"?
The precept of that movie was that the people had been subjugated by the matrix, and were living their life in a fantasy world, while their life's energy was being sucked out of them to power the matrix.

It was Neo's job to wake people up to that fact, some of whom preferred the comfortable enslavement.
I always looked at that movie as a spiritual metaphor: that people didn't see the struggle for their souls, and that the Christ-figure (Neo rose from the dead to set them free) was there to wake them up from their spiritual enslavement.
But frankly, it works also as a political analogy.
If the state is ultimate, Then, when the head of state says you must give your "fair share", his
vision of "your fair share" be it 100% will be the share required of you.

RISE UP, Sleeper! Awake!


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EPA Rules Force Shell to Abandon Oil Drilling Plans

You now know who the enemy is.
You know who aids and abets the enemy.

If you don't know these by now,
If you wonder why you're paying so much for oil/gas,
Wonder no more.
It is the liberal, elitist, know better than you, Democratic Party.
If we had an agency that cut back agriculture (and it is) because of environmental controls, and food prices rose, and people went without, would there be an outcry?
Against who?
Agriculture or the EPA?

Depends on who's leading the outcry.

If we had an agency that cut back energy production (and it is) because of environmental controls, and energy prices rose, and people went without, would there be an outcry?
Against who?
Big Oil or the EPA?

Depends on who's leading the outcry.

Why don't you lead?

Cry TREASON!!!!!



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