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And I don't mean Catholic religious services, which I only thought of after I wrote that.

Many people learn Latin, some in order to read manuscripts of long ago in the original language, some to not be one-upped by those other smarty-pants that made a witty quip dependent on a latin phrase.

But Latin has little practical use these days, so it would be silly for the masses to learn Latin.

I'm contemplating taking the free on-line Constitution Class that Hillsdale is offering on-line.

Then again, I think of all the times I've known that, according to the rules (whatever those rules pertain to), what I did was well within the bounds of those rules, only to find that it didn't matter.
Things were going to go the way the enforcer of the rules felt they should go.

Studying the Constitution may only be an exercise in frustration.

No matter how it was meant to be, or was interpreted to be for centuries, it now only matters what those in power now say it means, and that it will mean something else tomorrow.

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I drive 500 miles a week to and from work.

I have some tips for reducing fuel costs.

1) Inflate your tires properly.

2) Drive at a consistent speed.

3) No jackrabbit starts.

4) Vote Obama out of office.

5) Drill baby, Drill.

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The president made an announcement today saying that religious organizations will not have to provide contraceptives in their insurance plan, but the insurance companies will still have to provide it.
When I employ someone, and pay for their insurance, my funds will pay that insurance company for coverage. If that coverage includes ANYTHING (including birth control, kervorkian treatment, sex-changes or aspirin), I am paying for it. There is no escaping that.
Either the president is too stupid to understand that, or he thinks we are too stupid to understand that.
Which do you prefer?

When will the discussion no longer be whether that Catholics have to provide this level of insurance provision, but that:
Everyone asked why Obama would do something this stupid.
All Obama had to do was enrage, then mollify the Catholics and then the real argument goes away.
That’s the Machiavellian trick he’s pulling.

Then there's Rita's brilliant take on it.
Warning: Bacon is involved. May increase your risk of wanting a bacon sandwich.


Edit: A bit of audio on the subject.

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In the last week, I finally discovered the reason that my serpentine belt on my Taurus would squeal embarrassingly, even tough it was a relatively new belt.

I say relatively new, because it was a couple years old and had been replaced by a new belt with the head gaskets.

A week or more ago, I pulled both the old belt (a Gates) and the new (USA, brand illegible) alongside each other and found that the newer belt was longer than the older Gates belt.

I did this because when I tried to apply more tension on it, nothing tightened.

So I put the Gates back on (after cleaning it thoroughly) and it stopped squealing, for a few days.

Then it started again.

With the engine running, I put a wrench on the tensioner and put more tension on the belt.

(Note: I am an idiot. Kids don't try this at home.)

Putting more tension on the belt only caused it to squeal more!

Taking tension off quieted it and as it got quieter I observed that it ran "truer".

So I did what anyone would do.

I removed the tensioner, put it on a steel plate and measured the difference in height from the table of four positions (compass points) on the pulley.

So it was forty thousandths of an inch out of alignment!

I found that hard to believe, but I went out to get a Gates tensioner ($55!) and when I measured it, it had five thousandths.
So I installed it, and the squeal is gone.

Today, my air compressor threw a belt.

Of all things, the motor has twisted over the years to be out of line with the pump.

Nothing a torch and a hammer couldn't fix.
Cheaper than the car.

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A big part of a con is misdirection.

If you haven't had time to listen to the news because it interferes with watching your favorite vampire or gangster dramas, or a fat transgendered lesbian (only famous for being Cher's progeny) dancing,

You may not have heard that:

  • Herman Cain (candidate for republican presidential nominee) has been accused of sexual harrasment.
  • Newt Gingrich (candidate for republican presidential nominee) accepted consulting money from some Fed agencies he now criticizes.
  • Rick Perry doesn't debate well.

If you had heard that, you probably didn't hear this:   

  • The Obama administration has been shipping guns to Mexican drug dealers (not maybe),which have been involved in murders.
  • They’ve been pumping milliions of our tax dollars (if you pay taxes) into companies that were going belly up, as they returned the favor by pumping money into his re-election (another failing operation).
  • The rules were twisted so that in bankruptcy, Obama’s friends got repaid first, not the taxpayer.
  • A pipeline that would bring thousands of jobs and more plentiful fuel supplies to our country was postponed by this same president (hiding behind the skirts of Hillary Clinton: "It's a State Department decision").
          Obama seems not aware that Hillary Clinton reports to him


    A recession is when your neighbor loses his job.

    A depression is when you lose your job.

    A recovery is when Obama loses his.



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