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This payroll tax break deal has been a real rollercoaster.

I honestly didn't care much until they added the pipeline in a way that would force Obama's hand.
Frankly, nothing I did, wrote, thought, (or even prayed, I think) would influence Congress on the matter.
But to see Obama and the Dems boxed into a corner with the inclusion of the pipeline in the bill brightened my day.
Then, it turns out it's a two month extension of the tax cut.
Two months!?!? What idiot writes two month tax policy? And then it only tells Obama he must make a decision in two months, instead of insisting it go ahead (with his signature on the law).
That's the Senate version that idiot Mitch McConnell agreed to.

Now Boehner says "Wait a minute!" and he's made to look the bad guy, because the deadline is past?

People are talking about a lack of bi-partisanship.

Like one house of the same party talking to the other house of the same party?

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Back in the 40s, there was a great movie made called Miracle on 34th Street.
In it, one of the central characters, the Macy's Santa Claus, is fired for thinking he is St. Nick.

He is later exhonorated by the U.S. Post Office.

Fast forward to today.

A Macy's employee has been fired for restraining a cross dressing male from using the women's dressing room..
Even if he had surgery to look like a woman with his clothes off, he is a male.
XY chromosomes, never had ovaries, his parent's thought they had a daughter, that sort of thing.

I would think that most women in this country would consider it a good idea to keep men out of the women's dressing room.
A random sampling of the woman in my house found agreement with that.

Public opinion figured large in the movie.
I'm waiting to see how this plays out.

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On Thanksgiving, the president usually pardons the turkey.
This Thanksgiving, the turkey is doing the pardoning.
But drug dealers, not border agents.

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This is stupid


You can find the details here.


You can set yourself up for ignomy here.

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I still do.

And only Rita commented.

I give up.



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