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I'm in the reception area with Scherie (share ee, not scare ee) and she's had the radioactive injection.
She's waiting for them to come and take her for a brain scan of the dye's flow without siezure activity.

This picture will be laid over the other from last week to see the difference in an attempt find the area that is causing her problems.
If they do find such an area, they will then determine whether surgery can cut it out successfully.
i suppose "successfully" has a lot of implications.
There actually migtht be a trade-off in functionality over being seizure free.

Anyways, that's the latest on that.




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Thursday, I was returning from work and decided that I need not stop by the house on the way to the hospital.
I took a route recommended by a co-worker that cut 10 miles off the trip.
It also put me in the path of tornado activity.
The weather was wierd, but not exceptionally "dangerous".
I wasn't aware of the tornado alert.
Almost to the hospital, a flash of lightning went off and I thought "cool".
You know how you can count to fix the distance to the lighting?
The thunderclap was immediately after the "l" of "cool".
The concussion startled me.
It was as if a large hand hit the roof of my truck.
I went into the hospital with sirens going off and as I approached the reception desk to get my parking ticket validated I saw that a crowd was watching a large screen TV.
More accurately they were watching the large red area that represented the tornado alert.
It surrounded Ann Arbor.
When I got off the elevator on Scherie's floor, I saw the halls packed with beds and patients. Some were obviously recent recipents of brain surgery.
I sat with her in the hallway for an hour or so until the all clear was given, which was after we had heard that Dexter (less than 10 miles away) had suffered terrible damage.
The tornado had then taken the path I had come to work on and headed towards the home of the friend who had recommended that route.
He was spared

Each night I've "slept" in a recliner next to Scherie's bed and gone home to Shower and Shave, then proceed to work.
Friday, I came to her room to find her bed empty and made. Kinda scary at first, but that's when I discovered they had taken her to the nuclear lab. Sounds wierd, "to the nuclear lab".

The purpose of Scherie going in to the hospital was to observe her having a seizure and immediately inject her with a radioactive dye.
They then wanted to repeat the procedure without a seizure and overlay the mapping of her blood flow.
Friday afternoon, Scherie being low on her meds but not exhibiting seizure activity externally, the EKG showed that she was indeed exhibiting seizure activity internally,
Since this was the best they could hope for this trip, they went with the dye at one of the EKG "peaks" and did the scan.
She will later go in for the second scan as an outpatient.
Thank you from both of us for your concern and prayers.

I'd like to say something about the sense of community here in the blogosphere.
There are a number of people I've never met in person and have only interacted with on line.
Some more recently than others.
I've prayed for some of these people and they've returned the favor.
Some have had employment, health or even spiritual concerns and I've allowed myself to be emotionally connected to them.
I appreciate the sense of community.

Thanks again.

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Readers may remember that my darling wife has epilepsy, the result of brain surgery in the 70's.
Since then, she's been on medication that helps a lot. For years she's had recurring petit mals.
But for the last three years she's had an occasional grand mal resulting in me calling an ambulance and on more than one occasion she was admitted for days because of the valium the EMS administered to suppress convulsions.

A week ago Monday, I called and told her that I was leaving work. She said we need lettuce. I stopped and got some. When I got home, I stayed in the truck finishing a radio show. Can you feel the suspense building?

When I opened the back door, it was like walking in on a crime scene.
Scherie was laying on the wood floor in front of the fireplace.
There was blood smeared everywhere: floor, walls, her.
Furniture was tipped over, a kitchen cart was in the middle of the kitchen, papers strewn everywhere.

I went to her side and held her and talked to her, trying to get a response.
She had gashed her arm and blackened her eyes.
I had told myself I would not call EMS again, preferring to drive her.
Her neurologist had given me some Adavan for an occasion like this, but I couldn't get it in her.
Sometimes she comes out in a spacy way that tells me she's still not right and going to be leaving again.
I could not get her to the car and called EMS. I told the tech (most know us already, but he was new to us) to avoid Valium at all costs.
He said that he had a valium/adavan mix and would administer that only if necessary.
It was.
We got to the emergency room and she shortly started coming around, having burned through the drug quickly, but they wanted to hold her for a CT scan because of the head-banging.
We got home about midnight instead of three days later (thank you Jesus).

Tomorrow we go back to University of Michigan Hospital, where they will monitor her again as she has a seizure.
Last November they did this with electrodes on her scalp, hoping to find the source of the trouble.
The detection was overwhelmed by the electrical activity and it was spread over the area where some of her brain had been removed years ago.
The hope is that this time, when she has a seizure (she's reducing her meds tonight), they will inject her with a scarce radioactive dye developed by the Mayo clinic only recently (that replaces an even scarcer dye that is unavailable). The Mayo dye is not as efficacious as the other (maybe 90%), but something is better than nothing.
The dye will allow them to trace blood flow around the area in question so that they might find something to cut out, removing the source of the problem.
They've done extensive psychological and speech pathology testing so that id they do surgery at a later date based on this testing, they'll know the extent of any damage they've also done, and plan therapy accordingly.
Prayers would be appreciated (unless you're a wiccan or adherent of the flying spaghetti monster cult).

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I just realized while corresponding with my wife's ex via Facebook
(is that civil or what?)
that what Sandra Fluke want us to do
is pay for her "recreational drug".

Amazing when you think of it that way

What's also amazing is that he agreed with me!

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I have an older laptop, about 6 years old, running XP Pro.

I run Microsoft Security Essentials on it for virus protection,
(AVG has just gotten too bloated and slow).
I use it mostly to blog and surf, but there are days that I fear for it's safety.
It slows down so much that I'm ready to throw it across the room.
I've tried Firefox, Chrome, PaleMoon, and a number of other browsers,
but it's the underlying operating system.

So last weekend I broke down and set up a partition for Ubuntu, a flavor of Linux.
Do I like it?

If I didn't use this laptop for programming equipment sometimes,
using software that would only run under Windoze,
I'd reformat the whole thing and run only Ubuntu on it.

It is fast.

It picked up all my hardware.

It has so much software that comes with the install, it surprised me.

No goofy command line like earlier versions of Linux that I tried, but didn't have the time to learn.

It even came with a remote viewing package (a VNC app) that is better than the one I downloaded before I realized it had one.

It didn't work so great at first, I'll admit, but that was because I didn't set it up with an internet connection during the install.
The second time, I did, and it downloaded all the updates it needed.
That made all the difference in the world.

I posted this using Firefox in Ubuntu.

What a pleasure.



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